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Modern Family

PowerPoint about "Modern Family"

Gisela López

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Modern Family

Modern Family Plot of the serie There are three families into the series: Jay's "Second" family.
Phil and Clair's family.
Cameron and Mitchell's family Pritchett-Delgado family: Jay has married with Gloria months ago.
Is the second marriage for the couple.
Gloria is Manny's mother, and they're from Colombia.
They speak Spanish and she screams a lot.
In this family we can see issues such as racism, stay outdated, and others. Dunpghy family: Phil and Claire fell in love at the high school.
Claire became pregnant and had Haley.
Since then, Jay doesn't like Phil.
Later, they had two children more, Alex and Luke.
The parents want to be a modern family, and they want talk everything.
In this family, we can see protective parents, teenager's and aging problems... Tucker-Pritchett family: They are a modern gay couple.
They adopt Lily at first episode.
Lily are from Vietnam.
Cameron and Mitchell are completely opposite, Mitchell is an urbanite while cam was raised in the countryside.
In this family, we can see issues such as homophobia, parent roles in gay couples, first-timer parents, spoilt children... Characters: Family Tree: Javier Delgado Gloria Pritchett Many Delgado Jay Pritchett DeDe Pritchett Claire Dunphy Mitchell Pritchett Cameron Tucker Merle Tucker Barb Tucker Lily Tucker-Pritchett Phil Dunphy Haley Dunphy Alex Dunphy Luke Dunphy (N/A) Frank Dunphy Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett Characters: Dunphy Family Pritchett-Delgado Family Tucker-Pritchett Phil Dunphy Interpreted by Ty Burrell (age 45).
Phil is a modern father, who want to be their children's friend.
He's just a big kid himself, even if he does always have the best intentions.
He always is the "good" of the parents.
He's very clumsy, but he has got a big heart.
He loves Clair a lot, but he usually pick on her.
He thinks Gloria has a good looking.
He always try to obtain jay's approval. Claire Dunphy Interpreted by Julie Bowen (age 43)
Claire is a responsible and protective mother.
She see herself in Haley, and she don't want Haley repeat her errors.
She hates Dylan (Haley's boyfriend).
She always is the "bad" of the parents.
She always look after the family. Haley Dunphy Interpreted by Sarah Hyland (age 22).
Haley is a typical rebel teenager.
She grew up quickly, and her mother can't understand how fast passed the time.
They always are disagree.
She is in a relationship with Dylan. Alex Dunphy Interpreted by Ariel Winter (age 15).
Alex is the small daughter of Dunphy family.
She's really intelligent and competitive.
She is becoming teenager and she's experimenting new sensations and feelings..
She always discuss with Haley. Luke Dunphy Interpreted by Nolan Gould (age 14).
Luke is a happy-go-lucky kid.
He only think about playing and having fun.
He's a little stupid.
Luke and Phil are very friends, and they always are planning something. Dylan Homes Interpreted by Reid Ewing (age 24).
Dylan is Haley's boyfriend.
They sometimes are discussed, but always reconcile.
He is a romanticist and he's so cute.
He's a musician, and he play the guitar and sing.
He always write songs to Haley. Jay Pritchett Interpreted by Ed O'Neill (age 67).
Jay sits at the head of this family.
He's a rich ex businessman.
He was married with DeDe, and they had Claire and Mitchel.
Now is married with Gloria, and they have a baby, Joe. Gloria Pritchett Interpreted by Sofia Vegara (age 40).
Gloria is a Colombian good looking women.
She's married with Jay and they have two sons. Manny and Joe.
They know speak Spanish.
Everybody loves Gloria except Claire.
She know it and want approach to her.
She thinks everything bad what that happens is because she's Colombian. Javier Delgado Interpreted by Benjamin Bratt (age 49).
Javier is Manny's father and Gloria's ex.
He's Colombian.
He's an irresponsible dad. Manny Delgado Interpreted by Rico Rodriguez (age 14).
Manny is Gloria's son.
He's very intelligent and adult for his age.
He always is in love with any girl.
He's a romanticist and he always want to look older. Joe Pritchett His really name is "Fulgencio Joseph "Joe" Pritchett".
Is the baby son of Gloria and Jay.
He shares a birthday with Manny.
'Fulgencio' is in remembrance of her father and was a name given to the child by Gloria's mother. Cameron Tucker Interpreted by Eric Stonestreet (age 41).
Cam is Mitchell couple and Lily's father.
He's from a little village.
He was dedicated to the music but he dropped out to take care of Lily.
He loves act a clown.
He's very feminine and he always had the "mother role".
He sometimes lose his temper. Mitchell Pritchett Interpreted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (age 37).
Mitchell is Cameron's couple and Lily's father.
He's a lawyer, and he's who brings the money home.
He has got the "father role".
He's a mummy's boy. Lily Tucker-Pritchett Interpreted by twins Ella Hiller and Jaden Hiller when Lily was a baby, and by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (age 5) when she grows up.
Lily is the little princess of the family.
Cameron often dresses her up as famous people, such as Diana Ross or Madonna.
She's a brat and a Spoilt girl. Modern family's awards: Modern family has been nominated for 186 awards, and has won 61 of them. 1 Golden Globe Awards
2 Writers Guild of America Awards
3 Screen Actors Guild Awards
4 Peabody Award
5 Satellite Awards
6 Directors Guild Awards
7 GLAAD Media Awards
8 Imagen Foundation Awards
9 Image Awards
10 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
11 Producers Guild of America Awards
12 Young Artist Award
13 Teen Choice Awards
14 Art Directors Guild Awards 15 Television Critics Awards
16 Emmy Awards
16.1 Primetime Emmy Awards
16.2 Creative Arts Emmy Awards
17 People's Choice Awards
18 Critics Choice Television Awards
19 ALMA Awards
20 British Academy Television Awards
21 Casting Society of America Awards
22 Monte-Carlo TV Festival
23 American Cinema Editors Awards
24 NAACP Image Awards
25 Golden Collar Awards
26 References Personal opinion Of the series: I think is the most funny series nowadays.
If I had to put a note of 1 to 10 would be an 8. Favorite scene and character My favorite scene is when Dylan is looking for a drummer for his group, and Cam decided to help him. My favorite character is Cameron, because he's so fun and he makes me laugh when he screams or dance like a teenager girl.
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