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Lisa Leslie

No description

Nicole Mowbray

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Lisa Leslie

The Greatest Female Athlete the World Has Ever Seen! Lisa Leslie averaged 16 points a game in her 2009 WNBA season with the LA Spark According to the biorhythm of Lisa Leslie, she was suppose to be at her lowest (Critical Day) on August 30th, 2009. She preformed 8 points below her average but no injures occured. On August 19th, 2009 LL scored 28 points. That day she was not suppose to be at a physical peek. She was close to being at an emotional peek and was suppose to be on a downward spiral physically. This points (and many other points that are not as drastic) prove that this Biorhythem theory is wrong. Lisa Leslie's Biorhythm graph is only 50% accurate. She has had 14 above her average and 14 below her average. There has been 6 times were she has been perfectly on track with her graph. I believe that my reasearch contridicts the set biorhythm chart that was made for Lisa Leslie because of the 50% accuracy. There is not enough evidence that proves that the types of days she will have according to her birthday. Lisa Leslie is a skilled athlete, motivated individual, and a hard worker. She has spent many years as a top WNBA player and has had much success over the years. She has won the "Most Valuable Player" award countless times. She was born on July 7th 1972 and played basketball her whole life. Went to USC and played all four years there. First woman in the WNBA to dunk! ;) This is Lisa Leslie's Biorhythm graph. It shows that only 50% of her games (points) were on track with the chart. She had no major injures that happened on critical days or near a "rock bottom" point. This Graph shows the mental, physical, and intellectual changes that were suppose to happen to Lisa in August of 2009. Research has proven this graph wrong. After her June 19th 2009 game, Lisa Leslie got put onto the WNBA injured list and did not return till the August 4th game where she scored only 3 under her average. There are three biorhythm cycles that every person is
suppose to live through. All events are supposedly
determined by these cycles and first start when you are born. Bibliography

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