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Timeline events 'The Imporatnce of Being Earnest' - Oscar Wilde

No description

Dilisha Jethoe

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Timeline events 'The Imporatnce of Being Earnest' - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest Victoria Station, the Brighton Line Algernon Moncrieff's Flat in Half Moon Street, W. Act 1 Act 2 Drawing-Room at the Manor House, Woolton. Act 3 Drawing Room at the Manor House, Woolton. End of Act 3 28 years ago Miss Prism prepared to take the baby out in its perambulator. She also had brought a black leather handbag in which she intended to take the manuscript of a work of fiction she had written herself. But instead of putting the baby in the perambulator and the manuscript in the handbag, she put the manuscript in the perambulator and the baby in the handbag, which she left in the cloak-room of Victoria Station. Jack tells his friend Algernon that he wants to propose to Gwendolen. Algernon disapproves, and asks Jack about the cigarette case which he left at his place. It mentions a certain Cecily Cardew. Jack tells Algernon that his name is Jack in the country and Ernest in town. Jack proposes to Gwendolen, who is very happy. Algernon says that Jack is in fact a Bunburyist, like himself. Lady Bracknell disapproves of the marriage after finding out that Jack does not know who his parents are. Cecily meets Algernon, who is pretending to be Jacks brother Ernest. Cecily appears, telling Jack that his brother Ernest has just arrived. Jack tells miss Prism and dr. Chasuble that his brother Ernest died. Conflict between Gwendolen and Cecily, they both think that they are engaged to Ernest. Gwendolen finds out 'her' Ernest is Jack, Cecily finds out 'her' Ernest is Algernon. Jack tells Gwendolen and Cecily that he does not have a brother. The Garden at the Manor House, Woolton. Algernon confesses that he pretended to be Jack’s brother to meet Cecily. Algernon lets Lady Bracknell know that he is engaged with Cecily. She only approves when hearing about Cecily’s fortune. Algernon tells Lady Bracknell that mr. Bunbury is dead. Jack is Cecily’s guardian. He disapproves of the mariage and when Lady Bracknell asks why he tells her that Algernon is untruthful for he has pretended to be his brother. Chasuble appears. He mentions miss Prism, and Lady Bracknell asks for her. Jack goes into the house, comes back and shows a black leather handbag, asking if this is the handbag she left him in. She confirms this. Lady Bracknell asks miss Prism for the baby that was with her the day she left the Bracknell's house. Miss Prism admits leaving him at a railway station. Lady Bracknell tells Jack that his mother is her poorer sister and that he is in fact Algernon’s brother. Army Lists show that Jack's fathers name was Ernest, and so in the end Jack's name is really Ernest after all.
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