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Utopian City

No description

Cyndi Kirby

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Utopian City

Utopian City Project The Main Facts The name- Rzecz The location: 20 degrees north latitude, 40 degrees west longitude Government: Monarchy Population: on estimate 1,000 The Island How to get to the Utopian City You will come in on an airplane on the ramp provided for airplanes to land. You will then go through security checks at the airport ramp. Last you will come on a boat to the island and become a citizen of Rzecz at the town hall. The Job System As a citizen of Rzecz you will be given a job to do. If you come as an adult you will be given a job that requires less training. If you are born in Rzecz then the child is given a job at birth and will train until they are at the age of 16. When they become 16 they are able to work. The paycheck would be $500 every month. The Power Source Rzecz's power source is coming from solar panels and wind farms on some smaller islands off of the coast. Transportation For transportation we would use smaller cars and a subway for citizens to get to work, their homes, school, recreational activities, or for shopping. We would also use ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks for any sudden incidents. The airplanes will bring new people to the city and also they will bring any items we receive from other countries. Food Citizens will eat mostly seafood. Anything fishermen catch, farmers grow, or any food items from other countries will be sent to our Food Distribution Center. When citizens come they will be given an amount of food fit for their family size. They will come to the center every day and receive food daily. Housing Citizens will be able to choose their own spouse and may have up to 3 children. Families will live in neighborhoods and all houses will look alike. Citizens who choose not to marry will live in apartments. Religion All religions will be allowed. We will have preachers from different religions that will do a sermon every week. The sermons will be recorded and broadcasted so that citizens may watch their religion. Money System Education Children start school at 4 years old. They continue through school until they are 18 years old. during this time they will learn math, english, science, and history. They will also begin their training for their job after school every day begining at the age of 8. Elementary, Middle, and High School are combined in one large building. All citizens are paid $500 dollars a month. Each citizen will have to pay a fee of $100 for their house or apartment and other bills. They will be able to spend other money at the Shopping Center, Theme Park, or spend it to visit other places. The money that they spend will go to any expenses needed. We will make an income by selling extra fish we caught, selling extra produce grown by farmers, and by developing, selling, and installing solar panels and wind farms. We will be able to trade with other places by trading our things that we make in our city. Recreational Places Park Theme Park Gymnasium Sports Arena Recreational Activities Elementary, Middle, and High School Sports Fishing Boating in the Lake Camping in the Woods The Buildings School Shopping Center Subways Hospital Doctor offices Town Hall Food Distribution
Center Theme Park The Areas The Living Area- where all houses and apartments are located. The Energy Area- where we get our power. The Farming Area- where crops are grown by farmers. The Nature Area- where citizens go to relax. A lake, forest, and park are located here. By: Josh Dietrich- Developer
Lanie Beard- Planner
Caitlin Kirby- Accountant
Tiffany Austin- Recreation Director MONEY,
MONEY!!! Health We will trade with other countries and societies for medicine and antibiotics. Citizens can go to the Hospital and Doctor Offices if they have health problems. Medicine will be prescribed by only a doctor. Gym Sports Arena Woods Thank you for watching
Our Utopian City! The Town Center- where the Town Hall and all business are located. Hiking in the forest
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