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Social Media

No description

Steven Chebaclo

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yammer
averda Social Media
Sukleen Social Media
- 1969: CompuServe First commercial internet services provider in USA (dial-up).
- 1971: First e-mail was delivered.
- 1978: Bulletin Board System (BBS) was created by two computer hobbyists to inform friends of meetings, make announcements, and share information through posting.
- 1992: Tripod opened as a community online for college students and young adults.
- 1997: Blogging and chatting started.
- 1998: Google was created.
- 1999: Friends Reunited founded in Britain.
- 2001: Wikipedia was created.
- 2003: MySpace and LinkedIn were created.
- 2004: Facebook was created.
- 2006: Twitter was created.
Facts about Social Media
- 72% of all internet users are now active on Social Media.
- 18-29 years have an 89% usage.
- 30-49 years have a 72% usage.
- 50-64 years have a 60% usage.
- 65+ years have a 43% usage.

5 of the most used social media platforms
1- Facebook
2- Twitter
3- LinkedIn
4- YouTube
5- Google+
- Born on May 14th, 1984.
- Launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004.
- At the age of 23, Zuckerberg became a billionaire as a result of Facebook's success ($25.3 Billion).

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook Facts
1. There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users
2. One million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature
3. 23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day
4. 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases
5. 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers

Impact of Facebook on the World
- Facebook has introduced the ads section (which is the source of income for the company) and a lot of businesses rely on it to market their products and services.
- Facebook started the Arab Spring.
Facts about Twitter
1. There are now over 550 million registered users
2. 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads
3. Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013
4. 215 million monthly active users

Impact of Twitter around the world
- Twitter has become a communication mean between businesses, celebrities, politicians, and the people all around the world.
Top 5 most followed
What is Yammer?
Change is the new constant. Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Yammer collaboration software and business applications allow you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organize around projects so you can go further – faster.
4 Major functions of Yammer:

1- Knowledge Management Space
2- Bulletin Board
3- Break Room
4- Team Workspace

Knowledge Management Space
Bulletin Board
Break Room
Team Workspace
Executive Engagement
How can Facebook be Useful?
- Follow your favorite brands
- Follow your favorite restaurants
- Follow your favorite companies
- Share posts and check your friends' shared ones.
- Remember your friends' and family's birthdays!
How can Twitter be useful?
- Follow your favorite celebrities, local figures, or politicians, and interact with them
- News & Breaking News
- Ask whatever you want and expect an answer
LinkedIn (The Professional Network)
Facts about LinkedIn
- LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5th 2003
- There are more than 300 million users now
- Number of users in:
US: 100 million
UK: 15 million
Middle East: 10 million
Asia: 50 million
India: 24 million
Australia: 5 million
China: 4 million
- 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn

- Create a professional email address

- Use Gmail, Live, or Yahoo. University email is also okay.

- Write your name as you would do on any official document (proper capitalization)
- Use email addresses like sexybeast69@aol.com or puppy-lovexoxo@hotmail.com

- Use AOL/Hotmail ==> very outdated

- Use lower case ==> Lazy
- Use all CAPS ==> Attention seeker
- JoHn SmItH ==> Stupid
6 mistakes you should never make
1- Not using a picture

2- Putting up the wrong picture

3- Using default connection requests

4- Skipping the summary

5- Eliminating past jobs or volunteer work
How can LinkedIn be useful?
- Share your professional info with the world

- Connect with colleagues and business partners

- Join a wide variety of groups

- Follow organizations that you like

- Browse vacancies in companies around the world
Interesting Groups
Interesting Pages
Interesting Accounts
- Annahar, Lebanon24, CNN

- Mental Floss: @mental_floss


- Uberfacts: @UberFacts

- Word of the Day: @thewordoftheday

- MIT Tech Review: @techreview
- TED, TEDx, & TEDx Beirut

- National Geographic

- My Guerilla Marketing

- Gino's Blog

- Roadster Diner & Zaatar w Zeit
- Harvard Business Review

- Social Media Marketing

- Strategic Communication: PR & MKT

- Self-Actualization - Actualizing Your Best and Highest Self
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