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California: "The promise land"

No description

lindsey guerra

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of California: "The promise land"

California: "The Promise Land" Hundres of thousands of people that the dust bowl effected,
Moved to the state of CAlifornia. They packed up what they could
in hope of finding better jobs and homes in the so called "promise land"
However when people arrived there conditions were not as expected. Jobs were scarce, homes were run down, and many people treated the new-comers with hostility. In hopes of getting a chance at a new
life about 2.5 million people abandoned
their homes and headed towards the promise land. In his book "Endangered Dreams" Kevin Starr said that for every 100 jobs there was
142 farmworkers. Working for as little as 15 cents.
Even thoght it was
called the "promised land"
It wasn't very promising
at all.
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