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Keys to No Air Polution

No description

Shannon Cross

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Keys to No Air Polution

To help with less pollution you ride your bikes and walk. Carpool too. But if it's a long distance and you really need to use a hybrid car.
How does it effect us?
Smog is something that forums over cites.
-Smog is mixture of smoke and fog and it's not good for us to breathe at all.

What can we do to help?
Why does it matter?
Acid Rain
Acid Rain is a rain with a very acidic component. Acid rain get in bodies of water and harms the environment. And it can be fatal to all creatures that drink the acid rain in the water.
Keys to No Air

Thank you!
What is Air Pollution
Air pollution matters because if the ozone layer is destroyed and sun radiation will have access to the earth and many of the animals and trees are gone!
If we keep polluting we will destroy the ozone layer.

The good thing about hybrid cars is that when you stop at a red light the engine that pollutes turns off and stops putting nasty chemicals into the air. Also the battery charges when it's a red light to.
What we can do to help? (continued)
Air Pollution ( Continued)
The rest of the Air Pollution stays in the air and gets into the system of the human body or a animals body.
How does it effect us? (continued)
-Smog contains ozone, a molecule, and high up in the sky, there is a ozone layer that protects earth from radiation.
This can make people and animals have deadly diseases.
All these seriously cute and cuddly animals will be gone all because we polluted WAY TOO MUCH!
What can happen?
What can we do to help?
Try to use a hybrid car because hybrid cars combined electric gas and gas but it doesn't go as far as a full tank of gasoline.
Acid Rain (continued)
What can we do to help? (continued)
Air Pollution is soot, dust, smoke, and fog in the air that gets sucked up by plants but not all of it gets sucked up.
Also when the engine stops that pollutes is off the battery starts to charge.
Ozone (continued)
What can happen?

Sometimes it isn't even our fault. Sometime and volcano eruptions and that's pollution too.
Sometimes pollution isn't all our fault! Sometimes it's the environment.

Those are just SOME of the reasons we should be very careful and notice our surroundings. :D
By Ethan

The gasoline will kick in to help when the electrical battery is low.
Acid rain is just polluted rain. The rain catches the pollution in the air then it become Acid Rain.
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