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Circle R Ranch

No description

Erika Cook

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Circle R Ranch

Question 1 What steps can the Fosters take to increase sales at Circle R Ranch? Should they enter the wedding market? What are the advantages and disadvantages of entering this market? Summary Circle R Ranch is located near Dallas and specializes in conventions, corporate meetings, and events. The venue features a dance floor, recreational areas, a swimming pool, and a pond. They offer firework shows, staged gunfights, rodeos, hayrides, barbecues, and ice sculptures. Due to the recent economic recession, sales are down. The owners Steven and Wendy Foster are considering expanding into the wedding industry to make up for lost sales. They have concerns, as this is new for them and are not sure their staffing arrangements can handle it. The revenues from a wedding are also smaller than the typical functions they hold. Case 4: Circle R Ranch By Erika Cook, Thomas Wehler, and Andrew Morici Question 2 Where should the Fosters look for new employees who are passionate about providing superior customer service? What steps should they take before they begin the employee selection process? What hiring criteria should they establish? Question 3 How should the Fosters motivate their staff to continue to provide the stellar service that sets the ranch apart from its competitors? Question 4 Visit the Circle R Ranch's Web site. How effective is the site? Develop a set of at least six recommendations for improving the site.
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