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Inside Sales 101:

No description

Sales Operations

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Inside Sales 101:

Some Background & Things I'm Proud of...
Raised in Sweden
Build out a Structured Selling Process
Build a Comp Plan that drives the right behavior
Do you have an online digital marketing content strategy?
Pots & Pans
Have you pre-populated your TAM into your CRM?
Inside Sales 101:
Lessons Learned from taking 3.5 venture-backed start-ups IPO

Don't Start with One Sales Rep
Can't benchmark to see if the rep is effective
No sense of competition
If he/she leaves you cant generate revenue!
Once you've attained ~10-20 reps, you can consider tiering your org and installing a VP of Sales
Inside Sales
Number your stages
Have detailed definitions of stages
Add Milestones/Deliverables per stage
Include Forecast Category
Structure Your Selling Process
As soon as your prospecting activities lead to a "feeling" that you have found a potential deal that could close in the following 12 months, your opportunity becomes a "2." It is while in this step that the AE identifies and secures an Executive Sponsor within the account. Your Executive Sponsor has the authority to drive their buying process and align it with the ArcSight Structured Sales Process. AE reinforces customer expectations through preliminary value proposition discussions.

Amount, close date and forecast category need to be updated to the best of your ability. Stage 2 is the first "active" outside selling step and will show up on various pipelines and forecast reports.

The executive sponsor is identified; confirms and agrees to the ArcSight sales process
Articulation of compelling event(s)
SE resources allocated
Confirmation of the optimal sequence of events and timeline
2- Seeking Internal Champion
Forecasting Requirements
Detailed Stage Definition
Get Ahead, Stay Ahead Sales Rep. Plan
Build out a Sales 2.0 Ecosystem
Era of Challenger Sale
Buyers are taking themselves 67% down the sales path
Be present where their focus is - Online

Push vs. Pull Marketing
Push: Outbound activities designed for the hyper-targeted contact, introducing new solutions to market, and marketing to the C-suite
Pull: "Going where the buyers are" and putting your offers and content there

Use captivating content
Moving Infographics
Business videos
Blog Posts

Presenter: Lars Nilsson
Current & Next 3 FQ Pipeline
(The Snowplow Effect)
Advisor at True Ventures
VP Field Operations at Cloudera

Xerox beginnings
Had dual role @ Portal Software, Riverbed, ArcSight/HP and now Cloudera
HP's global adoption of my brand of Sales 2.0 Operations
Founder of SalesSource
True Ventures Advisor
Opportunity at Cloudera to build out the largest Inside Sales and Sales Operation in the world
Little League Baseball coach
Do you have a Content Repository?
Sales Enablement
You must have 100% adoption of your CRM. Do this through:
Companies > $2B WW
Companies > $1B NA Comm.
Companies > $750M (Retail, Healthcare)
Territory Allocation
Target Addressable Market
Know the difference between a raw lead, an MQL and a SDR relevant lead
All have to "Buy In"
Sales Reps
Validation Rules
Analytics Based on Discounting Habits
My thought on sales negotiation: never give without getting
Parting Thought
Close Date
Access to power
Reference/Case Study
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