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8th Grade Science Safety

No description

Racheal Haley

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of 8th Grade Science Safety

8th Grade Science Safety
Contract Overview

Science Safety
This science classroom will be a hands-on learning environment. This means doing laboratory experiments, participating in activities and fieldwork, and other tasks that require moving around the classroom and using materials other than paper and pencil. Safety in this classroom is a top priority due to these conditions, and it is EVERYONE'S responsibility. This Science Safety Contract outlines the rules and procedures that will help keep us all safe in our learning expeditions.
No student will be allowed to participate in science activities in this classroom until this contract has been initialed by the student and signed by BOTH the student and a parent!
1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in this room.
5. Accidents happen. Report any unsafe conditions to the teacher, including broken glass and missing or damaged equipment immediately.
9. Dress properly to conduct science experiments. Long hair must be tied back. No dangling jewelry. No loose or baggy clothing. No open-toed shoes.
13. Keep your work area and the science room neat, clean, and organized. The only things that should be on your table during labs are your pencil, SN, and equipment for the lab.
Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks will NOT be tolerated.
2. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or procedure, ask the teacher before proceeding.
3. Do not touch any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the lab area until you are instructed to do so.
4. Do not eat food, drink beverages, or chew gum in this lab. Also, do not taste, touch or smell substances created in the lab unless asked to do so by your teacher.
6. Dispose of all materials in the way you are instructed by your teacher.
7. Keep your hands away from your face, eyes, mouth, and body while using laboratory materials.
8. Safety goggles will be worn any time chemicals, heat, or glassware are used in the lab. There are no exceptions to this rule!
10. Know the location and proper use of all safety equipment in the science lab. This includes the eyewash station, safety shower, fire blanket, first aid kit, and button to call the office.
11. Consider all chemicals used in the science lab to be dangerous. Do not touch or smell any chemicals unless specifically asked to do so. Even if you are asked to smell something, use the "wafting" or "fanning" method.
12. Do not open storage cabinets or enter the storage room without permission from the teacher.
14. You will be assigned an area in which to work. Do not wander around the room, distract other students, or interfere with the laboratory experiments of others.
Science is about learning by “doing”. Come to class prepared to participate and gain some knowledge!
....and finally....
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