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APUSH Watergate

No description

Jessica Nguyen

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of APUSH Watergate

The Cover-up The Break-In Nixon's Impeachment Nixon surrendered the tapes on August 5, 1974

One of these tapes was labeled the "Smoking Gun" tape as it revealed Nixon was aware and involved in the Watergate Break-in for a major amount of time.

There were discussions of impeachment, however Nixon resigned before he could officially be impeached on charges of obstruction of justice, abuse of power, criminal cover-up, and on violations of the Constitution. WATERGATE The Scandal of President Richard Nixon The Media Nixon's Response Nixon Resigns On June 17, 1972, 5 men broke into the Democratic Party's National Committee Offices at the Watergate hotel located in Washington, D.C.

The Burglars
James McCord
Frank Sturgis
Eugenio Martinez
Virgilio Gonzales
Bernard Baker

They intended to photograph documents and bug the offices at Watergate with listening devices. The POTUS resigns on August 9, 1974 A few days after the break-in, it was evident that President Nixon knew about the break-in and attempted to cover it up. Nixon arranged a "hush money" fund for the burglars secretly, however the FBI investigated and found large, random sums of money deposited into the burglars private bank accounts. It was revealed by one of the sources that the POTUS had cameras/audio installed in his office, recording nearly every conversation that took place in there.
Judge Sirica ordered Nixon to surrender the tapes, however Nixon refused claiming executive privilege; he did end up handing over some, not all, of the tapes. The Media played a major role in the Watergate scandal.

The Media acted as a source of information for Americans and as an investigator.

The Watergate scandal changed the role of media and journalism in politics as media became more aggressive and investigative. The media coverage of the Watergate scandal was assisted by Deep Throat, a secret source who was revealed in 2005 to be Mark Felt, former FBI Associate Director

Deep Throat acted as a valuable source of information for the journalists, especially Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Nixon held several press conferences in regards to the Watergate scandal during his presidency.
He infamously states "I'm not a crook" on November 17, 1973 SATURDAY NIGHT MASSACRE Occured on October 20, 1973

Nixon dismissed independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, who continuously demanded Nixon to surrender the tapes.

The dismissal of Archibald Cox led to the resignations of several Justice Department officials. The Coverup was soon unraveled as others in connection with the Watergate break-in came forward.
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