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My culture

No description

Mika 11 Sakoda

on 21 November 2011

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Transcript of My culture

My Thesis Statement My Culture

Lexie S.
I am a mix of Japanese and American. Sometimes I feel like I'm more Japanese, and less American. I feel more Japanese at home and in Japan.
Why My Thesis Statement is True My thesis statement is true for these reasons:
The food I ate this week:
Monday: Potofu
Tuesday: Oyakodomburi
Wednesday: Kimuchi Nabe
Thursday: Spaghetti
Friday: Sushi
Saturday: Ham What clothes I wear:
jeans and a t-shirt
American dress
kimono (for special occasions)
I got my culture when I was born. My mom is 100% Japanese, and my dad is American. So, that makes me Japanese-American. I am 100% Japanese biologically, and 100% American and 100% Japanese politically. Even though I'm Japanese, I was born in America. So, I have, let's say a blue sponge, and blue glasses, but on another side of me, I have an orange sponge and orange glasses.
My parents' culture is Japanese. (According to my dad, American also.) I am raised in America, and I sometimes go to Japan. So, with the evidence in this whole project, I am sure my Thesis statement is true. I am a mix of Japanese and American.

Thank You! :) Kimono This is a picture of my family and I in Nagasaki, Japan.
This is a picture of my family
and I in Pinnacles, U.S.A.
At home our Japanese etiquette is different than American, even though I didn't know it was different at all. Our family puts the food onto plates or big serving plates, and then we scoop the food onto separate plates. I never knew Americans didn't do that.

This is a picture of my sister,
our friend and me going to school. I was going to school then, but it was more like kindergarten, so I wasn't going with my sister yet. It's easier to spend more money in Japan because there
are a lot of nice things in Japan that we don't have in
America. I like the candy a lot better there,
and the little souveniers like keychains and stuff.
I think that Japanese people are more artistic, sometimes,
than Americans, but other people might not think so.
I would (personally) spend money in Japan, but I
guess there is another reason. I think it's beacuse since I
live in America, I'm more used to the things here, and
then when I go to Japan, I feel like everything is new,
so I like it. When I come home, we usually speak Japanese and English. So, more like 60% and 40%. 40% Japanese, and 60% English. Well, actually, my mom speaks to me in Japanese, and I reply in English unless I know how to say the answer in Japanese. In Japan, People name their kids with wishes. Every character means something different. For example, my Japanese name is Kana. The character 'Ka' means 'good,' 'happy' and 'congratulatory'. The character 'Na' means 'life' symbolizing a young green leaf full of life. My sister's name, Maya, means 'numerous diversity and balance'. The character 'Ma' means 'numerous' and the 'Ya' means 'diversity and balance.' I believe that education is very important. When I go to Japan, I always go to school. Japanese school's are very good, and they are ahead of us. If a Japanese person came here, he/she would probably say "I've already learned this stuff" and if we went to Japan, we would probably say "We haven't even learned this stuff" and so forth. When I went to the Japanese school, I was in third grade, and they were already doing complicated multiplication problems. I was in the summer of second grade going into third grade. The birthdays count. The cut-off date for grades/schools is April first. My Feelings:
Yes No Sometimes Mostly The 10 Feature of American Culture

Value youth & beauty

New is better, Change is good

Optimism: Don't worry, Be happy

You can be whatever you want

$: Success = money

Not afraid to share your opinions

We are informal

We are friendly to strangers

We treat each other equally

We are risk-takers

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