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The Flying Wonder

My Prezi on the life of Cornelia Clark Fort. by Kimberly Wetzler

Kimberly Wetzler

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Flying Wonder

Cornelia had to use a lot of prior knowledge to fly. For example, she had to be considerate of other pilots and landing areas. She had to know how to read maps very well to fly, since they did not have GPS’s back then. Instead Cornelia had to look at the ground and imagine a bigger version of the map down there. Confidence in herself was also very important. She had to know her abilities in a plane especially when learning stunt flight. To do any of the stuff she did Cornelia had to be brave. Her flight lessons were an important piece of prior knowledge for her. If she had not been as good of a pilot she would not have been able to evade the Japanese military plane that nearly collided with her during the Pearl Harbor attack. Cornelia Clark Fort needed to use prior knowledge and quick thinking skills to be the heroic woman she was. Link 6 Many different IB learner characteristics are shown by Cornelia Fort. I think risk-taker describes her best. Cornelia knew that flying was a risky activity, because back then planes we fairly new inventions. She was risk-taker because when she flew she had to make sure she knew what she was doing, and if she messed up she could die. Also women in her high society were supposed to be proper and social, not flying rebels. She was only the second female in Nashville to earn her commercial pilot license. In conclusion Cornelia Fort portrayed many IB learner characteristics, but being a risk-taker is the most significant. Link 8 Cornelia Fort did many amazing things. She was the first female flight instructor in Nashville, TN. Cornelia was the second woman to join WAFS and was one of the most accomplished pilots of the group. Sadly she was also the first American woman to die on active military duty. These are some of the things she did that made her an important figure in history. Link 7 Cornelia Fort inspired many people. If she had not flown at all, half the people that fly now would not, because she taught a person who probably taught someone else and so on. Rob Simbeck’s book Daughter Of The Air contains this quote from an interview Cornelia had with The Tennessean, that shows her bold opinion about women flying, “Women are needed in aviation and can be an important factor in the national defense program,” she told the paper. “Women can do in this country what they have been doing in England – ferrying planes from factories to airports, flying the mail, and doing transport work for the government. Every woman who flies releases a man to fight.” Cornelia was the second woman to go into the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron when it began. Fewer women pilots would have noticed that some women were already in WAFS and therefore would probably not have been part of it. Cornelia Fort inspired many people through her life, as a teacher, with the passion she put into flight, and in the air. Biography Link 5 Link 4 Link 3 Cornelia Clark Fort was from Nashville, TN. Resources “People & Events: Cornelia Fort (1919 -1943).” American Experience: Flygirls. PBS. <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/flygirls/peopleevents/pandeAMEX07.html>. Accessed Jan. 24, 2013. She was born February 5, 1919 and died March 21, 1943. Her educational background: She went to Ross Elementary, Ward-Belmont private school for girls, attended Sarah Lawrence College, and took flight lessons. Interesting Fact 1: On 12/07/2011 at 7:30 a.m. there was a reenactment of Cornelia's Pearl Harbor flight Interesting Fact 2: Cornelia Clark Fort was one of the most accomplished pilots of Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Service (WAFS). Fort Family Papers, Special Collections Division, Nashville Public Library. <http://www.library.nashville.org/localhistory/findingaids/Special_Collections_Division_Finding_Aid_Fort_Family.pdf>. Accessed Jan. 24, 2013. “U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet: Cornelia Fort.” Hill Air Force Base. U.S. Air Force, Accessed Jan. 24, 2013. Web. The Flying Wonder "I am grateful that my one talent, flying, was useful to my country."

-Cornelia Fort 6 minutes
42 seconds Cornelia Fort inspired me to do things I did not think of doing before. I might want to do something she helped open up for women. Cornelia Fort told me through her actions that I can do anything that I think I can do. Now I believe I can do more than I want to do. Simbeck, Rob. Daughter Of The Air. New York, NY: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1999. Print. by Kimberly Wetzler What did this person do, make, or discover? Link 2 What prior knowledge did this person have to use? What additional discoveries have been made since this? From the very beginning, Fort and the other women in the squad were the focus of hostility from their male counterparts. “Any girl who has flown at all,” she once wrote, “grows used to the prejudice of most men pilots who will trot out any number of reasons why women can’t possibly be good pilots… The only way to show the disbelievers, the snickering hanger pilots ,” she concluded, “is to show them.” The women did just that. They were resilient, professional, and as capable as the men of flying any military aircraft they were asked to. They called in sick less frequently and they maintained a marginally better safty record. Ms. Fort contributed to the military and because of her help, women can be in it. She also helped influence many women to be part of the WAFS group. Overal Cornelia did many things to help the military and women all over America. Cornelia also helped influence the future. She helped to show women are just as good pilots as men are. The PBS website called Flygirls has one amazing thing Cornelia said: it was, What IB learner characteristic did this person show? What would life be like be like without this? How does this affect me and how can I use it to change the future?
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