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Causes And Effects with the American Revolution

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Josh Lewis

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Causes And Effects with the American Revolution

Causes And Effects with the American Revolution
Causes and effect graphic organizer
effects will be on the right side
causes will be on the left side
Pontiac's Rebellion
Pontiac's Rebellion was really a rebellion of the native americans that were disatisfided with all of the british settlers and colonists invading on there territory. So a group of native americans started fighting back and trying to get there land back. In the end the british was sick of fighting so the created the Proclamation of 1763
Proclamation of 1763
This is the Effect of the Poniac's war. This was created to appease the fighting and the tenssions between the british and the natives to north America. The colonists however were not as happy as the natives. It annoyed some of the colonists and they thought they should not be told where to and where to not settle.
Quartering and Sugar Acts Passed
The Quartering and Sugar acts were a few of the acts that were created by the bitish during colonial times. The Sugar act was created to solve some of the debt gained by the british from the 7 year war. The Quartering Act was created as a way to help the soldiers within the colonies. This allowed soldiers to ask for food and a home. Both of these acts caused lots of colonists to be furious and get an anti-british mentality
Anti-British Feeling Grows
After the quartering and sugar act were passed the some of the colonists were furious with the british for making them pay for sugar that pretty much lead there economy. And that they had to let the soldiers that they hated stay in there homes.
Stamp Act taxes printed and other goods.
The stamp act was an act created by the british that taxed everything on paper from government documents to playing cards. Everything had to have a stamp that was given off by stamp collectors. This was quite a problem for a harbour because this taxed alot of things going in and out and this could destroy some weaker businesses. The colonists were so furious with this that they created The Stamp Act Congress.

The Stamp Act Congress Convenes in New York

The colonists were not going to simply sit down as they were taxed on all these ridiculous things without having the representation that they needed. They decided to go headlong into the problem and deafeat it. However the Stamp act Congress at first seemed like such a failure because there congress was split between radicals and moderates. This lead to lots of disfunction but in the end most of the delagates signed a paper that lead to massive boycotts.
Stamp Act Congress Calls for boycott
The Stamp act congress was a very disorganized and disfunctional group but when it comes down to it they were very succesful in coming up with a idea to solve the problem. The idea was to boycott all english goods and destroy the economy in england by doing so.
Stamp Act repealed
The Stamp Act after massive boycotts was repealed and it is said that almost all of england was overjoyed, but this wasnt because they thought the colonists were right in what they thought. Its because the colonists were single handedly destroying the economy in england. This is becauase alot of merchants in england had gotten a majority of there profits by exporting goods to the colonys. This showed the colonists the power that they really held.
Massachusetts and New York refuse to follow Quartering and Declaratory Acts
Massachusetts and new york were hit really hard by the Quartering act. This was because the ships that came in through the harbor often had british soldiers on them. This lead to tons of soldiers being pumped like clockwork into the homes of the people there and this lead to the home owners to be furious with the british. It was so bad that New york Said no.
Townshend Acts taxes British imports.

The townshend acts were created by Charles townshend who believed that the colonists had the realize who was in power so he created four different acts that taxed colonists. These acts were also created in the way so that the government could recoup money lost from the stamp act being repealed.
Boston Massacre kills five colonists
The bostom Massacre all started when a soldier was getting harrased by a few colonists and the soldiers buddies showed up to defend him. This kept escalating into the colonists begging to be shot while tossing snowballs and stones at the soldiers. This lead to five of the colonists being shot and killed.
Parliament repeals Townshend Acts
Due to growing riots and massive protesting the british Pariament decided to repeal the Townsend acts. This was great for the colonists but they didnt realize that this just frustrated parliment and just made them want to show there power. This lead to a few more acts coming into reality because parliment wanted to show who was boss
The Tea Act gives British East India Company monopoly on tea imports and maintains tax on tea.
The tea act was one of the big acts that really made the colonists detest the british. This act taxed the heck out of a colonist passtime and enjoyment. This lead to a large amount of really furious colonists who just wanted some tea to sip on. The colonists were fed up with this and they created the sons of liberty so that they could finaly have a tea party.
Boston Tea Party destroys property.
The sons of liberty decided enough was enough so they decided to go to a ship containg over a 1000 pounds in tea and they dumped all of it over board into the water. This was all organized by the sons of liberty and this really made the british mad. The british forced the colonists to pay back for all of the money lost in the boston Tea Party.
Coercive (Intolerable) Acts Passed
The Coervive or intolerable acts were passed as a way for england to show dominance over the colonys. They felt that this was needed because in the past the colonies were throwing a fit and the parliment had to oblige to whatever they wanted. They said no more of this and the limited the government of massachusettes as well as a few more things that made the colonists really mad.
First Continental Congress Meets
The first continental Congress was created from the response to the british enabling the intolerable acts or coercive acts. These acts were in there opinion the last straw. They had gotten two representatives from each of the 13 colonies and they set in order in the end to overthrow the king and to start a revolution.
British Troops March Toward Boston
In February 1775, Parliament declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion. This declaration permitted soldiers to shoot suspected rebels on sight. In April, General Thomas Gage received secret orders to arrest the ringleaders of colonial unrest. Having already learned of the orders, colonial leaders fled Boston to avoid arrest. In the end however Gage decided to march onto concord which was where the colonists stached there weaponds chaches.
Battles of Lexington and Concord
The british starting traveling to concord right after they h learned that there was a secret cache of the colonists weaponds there. However a patriot in boston learned of this and sent Paul revere and william dawes to warn them that the british were coming.
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