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Gay Parenting

No description

Aliyah Ware

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Gay Parenting

Gay Parenting
Thesis Statement: Despite the scientific studies on mother-father parenting, some people still believe that children can function properly with same-sex parents.
Aliyah D. Ware
English 4

Gay parenting, also called a nuclear family, is the term used for a homosexual couple or single homosexual that parents a child/children.
Gay parenting rights have been an issue since the 1960s (Du Plessis and Diggelmann).
The Status of Children 1969 allowed same-sex partners to sign birth certficates (Du Plessis and Diggelmann).
In 2005, a New Zealand law commissioned that a known sperm donor can become a legal parent with the opposite parent's agreement.
Children benefit from and require distinctive qualities of male and female parents (Hansen).
Young children will grow up believing that traditional marital and sexual arrangements are out of character (Hansen).
The children of same-sex parents are most likely to experiment with sex and be sexually confused (Hansen).
Children of same-sex parents will most likely struggle with abuse and bullying (Hansen).
Approximately 20,000 out of 118,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 20 are discharged from foster care ("Gays and Lesbians Should").
Exclusion of homosexual adopting deprives children access to available safety and love ("Gays and Lesbians Should").
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to children ("Gays and Lesbians Should").
The only way gay parenting issues will be solved is to inspect the needs of the children.
There are certain things that a specific gender will not be comfortable talking about with the opposite sex.
I feel that gay couples should have to take parenting classes before they can ever have legal rights to children.
Gay parenting can be harmful to a child's future.
Gay people will have to teach the child how to function properly to be considered effective.
Being a great example like any parent will lead to well-developed adult in the future.
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