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The Naturals

No description

Kevin Collins

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Naturals

When Cassandra arrives in D.C, she is invited into, surprisingly normal house. Cassandra is greeted by Agent Locke, another profiler and her trainer to be. She explains what the program really is: a group of individuals with unique abilities gathered together to solves the government unsolved crimes.
The Training (And Murders)
Agent Locke takes Cassandra and Dean to the Mall, to profile random people. Outside, Locke tasks Cassandra to profile someone based on their car. The focus switches to the Serial Killer, who has started his/her spree.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Murder is Getting Closer
Days past, and the Murderer is starting to dye the color of the victims hair red, the same color as Cassandra's mother. She/he is getting bolder. She/he even leaves a bottle of Cassandra's mom's favorite lipstick, and a lock of red hair.
The Final Reveal
Finally, Cassandra cannot take putting her friends in danger no longer, and sets herself up as bait. The murder is not who she thought it was, or anyone thought, for that matter.
The Naturals
The Boys
The two resident boys are Michael and Dean. Michael can read emotions, and Dean is profiler like Cassandra.
The Girls
The two resident girls are Sloane and Lia. Sloane is statistics and can cite facts at the blink of the eye (especially on caffeine), and Lia is a lie detector, as well as being a very good liar herself.
The Naturals
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, centers around Cassandra,a girl born with a seemingly supernatural gift: immediately understand the past, and the likely future of a person she only just has met. She lives with her father's tight knit Italian family, because he is overseas and the mother is presumably dead. However, blood, not a body, was found.
The Choice
After Cassandra announces she is contemplating
going to D.C with a group of strangers, her family flips and calls a team meeting. Besides the sheer amount of food and guilt tripping, Cassandra still goes
to D.C.
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Presented by Kevin Collins
Soon, Cassandra's
"power" is discovered by
the FBI, and Agent Tanner
Briggs (Michael) recruits
her to join a group of "Naturals", people like her born with special abilities. He asks her what kind of eggs she wants, as a test. Naturally, (pun intended) she reads him like a book.
In D.C
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