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CAB my Taxi


4C Engine

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of CAB my Taxi

Free Taxi Booking app
Manchester, England CAB my Taxi Manchester, England
now... CAB my Taxi Manchester's Free Taxi Booking app Manchester, England
not so long ago... New 2 in 1 taxi booking app!

Hail a Black Cab in two taps
compare and book up to 3 offers from local mini-cabs.
CAB my Taxi apps are FREE to download and use. Where to get it from?
Step 1: User is automatically located; one simple tap sends the request to 5 nearest Black Cab drivers.

Step 2: Accept or Decline drivers offer.
Step 3: Get notification when vehicle arrives. Hailing a Black Cab
Step 1: Already automatically located, simply fill in “To” field and send a request

Step 2: Within 3 min, receive summary text with 3 OFFERS from the nearest companies

Step 3: Text back CAB followed by your preferred offer A, B or C and get a reply text with:
Confirmed time of arrival
Taxi company name, phone number and
pick-up address confirmation Booking a Private Hire in in tne menatime, at the taxi rank... Book a taxi while in a noisy restaurant, bar, nightclub or at a meeting!

No waiting for a dispatcher to pick up the phone.

No need to register or speak to operators. Why, what's in it for me? Convenience Stay Safe Save time and money More chance to get a taxi when you need it!
Switch between Black Cab or Private hire - your request goes to 3 local taxi companies or 5 nearest Black cabs

Choice and Transparency:
Choose between competitive offers, the quickest available or the cheapest one. Accepting a journey from a minicab driver off the street is dangerous and illegal.

All drivers registered with us are licensed by local councils. When booked through our app, you know who is coming to pick you up.

Forgot your wallet or mobile inside the car? We can track it! Links to AppStore or GooglePlay on cabmytaxi.com

Follow us on FB or Twitter @cabmytaxi
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