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Of Mice and Men Biblical Allusions

english prezi

Jared Guerrero

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Biblical Allusions

Biblical Allusions
by Jared Guerrero The Garden of Eden Lennie and Geogre's dream ranch. vegetable patch Chickens, rabbits, and cows Adams temptation Lennie's obsession with soft things. Lennie pets mice Pets his pup soft dresses Curly's wife's hair Cain and Abel George kills Lennie Eve temptress Curly's Wife Lets lennie touch her hair Lennie gets in trouble can't stay in his "garden of Eden" Men's weaknesses cant keep job cant save money due to temptations brotherhood Baptisim Lennie clean his face and drinks the water The water is clean and not dirty Human flaw Adam and Eve take a bite of the forbidden fruit Every character in the book had their on personal flaw Slim looked at as a leader, spiritual leader Dosent judge willing to listen always there to comfort George The End
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