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The Crucible

No description

Brianda Baeza

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible

Plot Summary 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Author's Style Author's Information Key Characters The Crucible By: Rubi M, Maria F, Brianda B, Emily P Author: Arthur Miller
born on October 17, 1915 in the state of New York
went to Abraham Lincoln High School and graduated in 1932
went to the University of Michigan and majored in journalism and English
married Mary Slattery and had two children together
wrote The Crucible in 1952 because he was intrigued by the Salem Witch Trials
had an affair with Marilyn Monroe when he was still married to Mary
Miller and Monroe separated after 10 years of marriage
in 1962 he married his last wife Inge Morath
Miller wrote a play about his life with Monroe called After The Fall in 1964 after Monroe’s death in 1962
In 1996 Miller made The Crucible a film
won the Prix Moliere of the French Theater and in 1999 he was awarded the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Lifetime Achievement Award
in 2004 Miller fell in love with Agnes Barley who was 34 and wanted to marry her but died of heart failure after he had battled cancer
died on February 10, 2005 (age of 89) Modern Period of American Literature
also considered post-modern
tendency toward reflexivity, or self-consciousness
Individualism, experimentation, absurdity
different genres 1692 Some of the town girls are discovered by
Reverend Parris dancing in the forest WWII had occurred and the Korean War had ended months before Miller finished the play Betty Parris falls into a coma-like state
and arouses the town's suspicion of witchcraft The Red Scare defined American life from 1950 to 1956 The government and people were very anti-communist and accused many of spying Abigail Williams admits to dancing in the forest.
She later said that Tituba forced her to drink chicken blood. Miller wrote the play to compare the Red Scare to the Salem witch trials Figurative Language:
irony- dramatic irony (girls lying about witches/ghosts)
allusions- (a)Rebecca alludes to the martyred apostles, “Let you fear nothing! Another judgment waits us all”- idea from the Bible that man is judged by God in heaven. (b)Just as the characters are falsely accused of witchcraft, the McCarthy Era was a witch-hunt for Communists. People were often accused falsely of communist connections, U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy was connected to the Red Scare because he was strongly anti-communist Betty awakens and is immediately questioned by Reverend Hale.
Tituba admits to have seen the Devil and shouts out names of
townspeople associated with it. The girls do the same. In the Salem witch trials time, people were falsely accused and often died innocent People of all social classes could be accused by anyone who disliked them Miller compared the two time periods in the play because he analyzed the fear of the people and the lies behind many accusations Miller's play earned him a bad reputation since the FBI labeled him "under Communist Party discipline" John and Elizabeth Proctor are in their home when Reverend Hale joins them and begins questioning their faith. Giles Corey and Francis Nurse enter the house saying their wives were take. Soon after, officers take Elizabeth. Style: simple (vernacular from 1950s)
Diction: formal and easy to understand along with short sentences
Tone: serious, formal, some what sarcastic Proctor convinces Mary (his servant) to say that the girls are lying. However, the girls begin to show the opposite by saying that Mary
was bewitching them. takes place in Salem, Massachusetts Theme John Proctor
Abigail Williams
Reverend Hale Symbolism Americans feared Communism after WWII because the Soviets had threatened them so often and spies were found in the trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg The Crucible shows some parallels with the House Un-American Activities Committee
the Communists were encouraged to confess their crimes like the supposed "witches" Works Cited Conflict and competition continued worldwide and the country America was mostly arguing with was the Soviet Union Intolerance against Dissent the trials represent the intolerance because that was the only way they could restore the town's purity
Puritans only cared about sin and the status of their soul
they were either with God or with the Devil as Judge Danforth said “a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1950s http://www.sd84.k12.id.us/hw/barbara.tibbs/literaryperiods.htm Proctor confesses his affair with Abigail as her motive for imprisoning his wife. In an effort to protect her husband, Elizabeth denies it. Proctor is arrested and Reverend Hale quits the proceedings. Abigail flees the town and steals 31 pounds from Mr. Parris Elizabeth convinces John to admit being a witch but when he is forced to admit it publicly, he rips the paper and is hanged. 1712 Giles Corey was pressed to death by large stones because he never pleaded Parris is voted out of office Abigail becomes a prostitute in Boston and Elizabeth remarried after Historical Context
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