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chris kyle american sniper


Jared DeProw

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of chris kyle american sniper

I myself found the book very interesting and would recommend this book to anybody with an interest in military pertaining to the NAVY SEALS.
The vocabulary in the book is fairly easy to anyone with a back round knowledge to most military terms and is probably written for a mature audience. Impression of the book I think that the theme of this book is about the unseen side of our freedom and that there are people risking their lives for something that most Americans take for granted. And that to achieve greatness you have to sacrifice a lot.
-page 27-28 (training)

The conflict of the book is man vs. self. Theme One of the most common conflicts in the book is not what is expected of most war books.
Chris’s main conflict through out the entire book is him trying to remain a Seal while trying to hold his family together. Conflicts Chris Kyle
Taya (wife) and their 2 kids
Seal team 3 (names were not stated, only very few nicknames)
Antagonists included: Taliban and al- Qaeda insurgents and multiple drug lords, weapon traders and terrorists. Key Characters The settings of the book are constantly changing, some locations were not even allowed to be said.
The time period of the book are from the early 80s to modern day although his military career is from ’99- ‘09
Common places in the book were Fallujah, Ramadi, and his home town in Texas. Settings Navy seal, father and husband, Chris Kyle has over his full 10 year military career came to be known as the most lethal sniper ever.
With over 150 confirmed kills (the most career sniper kills ever recorded) and even more unconfirmed kills, seal team 3 chief Chris Kyle became a well known idol among his fellow seals and a feared unseen soldier to his enemies. Plot Summary By: Chris Kyle AMERICAN SNIPER Today Chris Kyle president and co-founder of craft that specalizes in advanced training in military warfare and law enforcement. Today The rising action of the book would be all of the training and the fights that he has been through during his career. Rising action When Chris sees that his family needs him more than his troops do is the largest part of the book.
It was also after he was shot two times and his 2 closest friends were killed. Climax Falling Action The falling action is when he became better acquainted with his family and founded craft international. Falling Action
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