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UCLA By Lasundra


Lasundra Edmonds

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of UCLA By Lasundra

UCLA student UCLA teacher 45% of men,and 55% women Bachelor's Master Doctoral UCLA in the West region UCLA is a public school UCLA is in a city called LOS ANGELES The calender system is Quarter UCLA Bachelor Degree This is the UCLA flag This is one of UCLA's dorm room the room ,and the Board cost is $1,397. If you come out of the state your tuition is $35,564. If you are in the state your tuition is $12,686. The Degree that is offered is -Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Degree Undergraduate Enrollment-26,162 UCLA Bruins The men sport Tuition General Information Enrollment Statistics Total Enrollment-38,157 Undergraduate Applicants-61,545 Religious Affiliation-none Applicants Admitted-21% Admitted who enrolled-26% White non-Hispanic Students-32% Black non-Hispanic Students-4% Hispanic Students-16% Interesting Facts UCLA is one of the most famous colleges in the United States The Bruins teams is one of the most well known in collegiate sports 11 Championships have been won by the Men’s basketball team with back-to-back Final Four visits Football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf and gymnastics are all a part of the athletics department. I got my information from http://www.fun.yukozimo.com ,and http://www.ucla.edu Famous People who Attended UCLA Admission Requirements Regular Decision Deadline-11/30 Notification Starting-unknown School has Rolling Admission-Yes Application Fee-$60 School has Early Decision-No School has Early Action-No Secondary School Transcripts-Required Recommendations-Neither required nor recommended Admissions Test Scores-Required TOEFL Required for Non-Residents-Recommended Some of the famous people who attended UCLA were:Eleanor Coppola, James Dean, Josh Evans, Heather Locklear, Jack Black, and Mr.Tadesse Jack Black Eleanor Coppola Heather Locklear Josh Evans James Dean Asian/Pacific Islander Students-36% American Indian/Alaska Native-0% Race/Ethnicity Unknown4% Non-Resident Alien-6% 10 programs a UCLA is : Nursing,Public Health, Women's studies, Medicine, Law School, Education, UCLA ACCESS to Programs in the Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Urban Planning Department, Psychology, and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. I think that nursing can help me become a pediatrician. Famous people who attedned UCLA Some more famous people who attended UCLA were:Ray Charles, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Jim Morrison, Rob Reiner, Arthur Ashe, Beverly Cleary, and Tom Anderson Ray Charles Beverly Cleary Kareem Abdul-Jabar Tom Anderson Jim Morrison Arthur Ashe Rob Reiner
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