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middle school:)

No description

Maddie Kidwell

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of middle school:)

Middle school:)
i have learned so much about my self the three years i have been here at east. i have learned how important church and god is to me... i have found my true friends:) and i have found who i am and who i am going to be. i used to care about things i really shouldnt care about... like where i get my clothes,who im seen with , and i cared way to much about what other people thought. in these three years i have found that to be happy you cannot live to make everyone els happy...no you dont want to be selfish and only worry about yourself, but you cant live life worrying about what people think of you. i have found that your true friends stand by you through thick and thin, and dont talk about you behind your back. i have found my place.... i think thats what middle school does...it helps you find who you are...who you will hang out with and how you will live life. seems like in middle school gives you opportunity to make good life decisions,or bad decitions. it sets the coarse for who you are going to be... and i have decided that who i want to be is not the everyday girl. i have decided to look deeper than the cute clothes or what is "it" i have learned to see past that. i dont base everything on what people think...no im not going to come to school looking like a hobo and im not going to be a jerk just because i "dont care what they think" but i will not live my life according to how others want me to be. i am my own person. i refuse to be like some of the girls out there that try to be perfect I will live my life as happily as i can...and will live each day to the fullest. a few things had to happen to me for me to realize that i have to cherish each day,and the ones i love. in the three years here i feel like i have learned more about myself than i have algebra or social studies:) i will never forget my time here:) well...i guess im done now:) the end:) right now im just havin fun:)
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