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Ruby Ernest

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Steelheart

The Reckoners
Even if there was a great plot, we only give this book 3 stars. Many times we would get bored with the the book, because there was no action. It touched the same topics over and over again, and became repetitive. There were major (but somewhat irrelevant) plot holes. The action scenes were either too rushed, or not rushed enough. It was also predictable. But for a time waster, it was not a bad book.
This story was told in first person, from David's perspective (main character).
Quote: "I've seen Steelheart bleed."
-Sanderson, Pg 1, Steelheart

Having it in David's perspective was a good idea, and it gave nothing away, but the problem was it gave
away. It didn't spark the reader's imagination, and that made the book dull. If we had glimpses of what the other characters were thinking, the book would be much engrossing.
Steelheart is set in Newcago, a new age Chicago, trapped in steel and ruled by heroes. On top, there are Epics, that are free to kill you by law. In the steel under streets, there is no law. Even though Newcago is the best place to be in the now Fractured States, the price is high.
Steelheart is set in a new age, Chicago
trapped in steel. The unprotected and unmonitored steel under streets are safer for some than others. The forgotten catacombs become a safe house while the surface is a dangerous battleground.
"Most people haven't seen a high Epic in
their glory. That's what we call it when they summon their powers in earnest-when they rise up in their might, their emotions kindled to wrath and fury. There's a
about them. The air grows sharp, like it's become full of electricity. Heartbeats still. The wind hold's it's breath."
-Sanderson, Pg 264, Steelheart
"My father's murderer. The tyrant. He looked so calm, so thoughtful, in this picture. Long jet-black hair that curled softly down to his shoulders. Shirt stretched across an inhumanly strong physique..."
-Sanderson, Pg 112, Steelheart
"He raised a hand, staring intently at the city beneath him, and the hand started to glow with a wicked power... Then he pointed and launched a bolt of blasting yellow force into the city. The power hit a building, blasting a hole through the side, sending flames and debris exploding out the opposite windows."
-Sanderson, Pg 112, Steelheart
wants us to be terrified
, I thought.
It's what this is all about. He wants us to think no one can challenge him.
-Sanderson Pg 113, Steelheart
"They just killed. One by one. Their goal was to eliminate each and every Epic that thought himself or herself above the law. And since that was pretty much
Epic, they had a lot of work to do."
-Sanderson Pg 26, Steelheart
We would recommend this book for ages 10 and above. There are no scaring topics, unlike some of the books we read, it's perfectly safe (with some death and
). Steelheart is classified as YA, but if you're okay with a bit of action, Steelheart is good for you. The book is written in a guy's perspective, but both genders can relate.
"Head of Steelheart's Enforcement troops.,' Prof said... Edmund chuckled. 'Head? Yes, I suppose you could call me that .' He leaned back, closing his eyes. 'Though, more appropriately, I might be the heart. Or maybe just the battery."
-Sanderson, Pg 310, Steelheart
Conflux is the power source of Newcago, the source of all of Newcago's electricity. Conflux can transfer energy (electric) to non-Epics and inanimate objects.
Known as Steelheart's right hand man, Nightwielder controls the shadows, and keeps Newcago in perpetual darkness. He can blind you, and his shadows are solid. He himself is able to become incorporeal, and able to pass through solid structures. No civilian has ever seen him in his solid form.
An eighteen year old boy that lives below ground, David Charleston devoted his life to studying Epics. His mother died when he was young, and by the time he was eight, he was an orphan. David is the only person to have ever seen Steelheart bleed, and because Steelheart killed David's father, revenge is the only thing on his mind.
Connection (Text to World)
"And Nightwielder. He was a tall Asian man who was only half there. Faint, incorporeal."
-Sanderson, Pg 158, Steelheart
"Stop Nightwielder?' ... 'He's incorporeal. He can walk through walls for Clamity's sake."
-Sanderson, Pg 157, Steelheart
Steelheart is the ruler of Newcago. He has the power to turn non-organic things into steel, and is impervious to bullets and the like. Steelheart is the highest ranking Epic in the Fractured States, and keeps people in line by controlling the only resources for miles. The major villain in the story, Steelheart is a tyrant, heartless and cruel, and follows the stereotype perfectly.
One of the theme/moral in Steelheart is "power corrupts". The book emphasizes how the Epics are like superheroes, but doing all the wrong things. And later on, it's revealed that using the powers made the person "evil".

"Megan's personality changed when she used her powers too,
I thought
... She changed. Became brasher, more arrogant, even more hateful."
-Sanderson, Pg 379, Steelheart

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Sanderson, Pg 15, Steelheart
In Steelheart, all Epics have a weakness, a weak link. Many powerful, or even semi-powerful Epics are invincible without their weakness. But the saying goes "The chain is only as strong as the weakest link," and it applies to every Epic. It's what enables the Reckoners to defeat Epics, and an important part of the story.
"Steelheart's steel didn't rust, but it could break,
leaving sharp edges."
-Sanderson, Pg 260, Steelheart
In Steelheart, the Epics are normal people gone mad. When they use their powers, they become "evil". It's a obvious metaphor for the idea "power corrupts", and a recurring theme in human history. Take Adolf Hitler for example: the First World War was like the Calamity, turning people evil. Then the more power he gained, the worse he got. It's said that he actually was clinically mad by the end. Many people like this exist or existed, and Epics are no different.
By: Ruby and Grace
Epics are normal people that were affected by the Calamity, and have special powers. When they use them, they become malicious and self-indulgent. Epics can have any range of abilities, and usually more than one. But every Epic has a weakness, if it's being near water, or when they're sleeping. And Epics try with all their might to hide it.
The Reckoners are a group that try to fight against the Epics. They take out minor Epics one by one, and are the only normal people to kill Epics. But some aren't normal.
Cody is the sniper of the group, and usually the
comic relief. He's defiantly a OP. He a southerner, but likes to pretend that he's from northern Europe. His actual back story is that he is a cop from Nashville that refused to turn in his badge under the rule of an Epic.
Annexation Day was the start of Steelheart's regimen, were every non-living thing in Chicago was turned to steel. Steelheart was king. You either worked for him, worked beneath him, or
couldn't work at all. Nobody could defeat Steelheart, for he was invincible. Nothing could harm him. But there was something that could. David Charleston, a then eight year old boy, is the only living person to ever see Steelheart's weakness. Steelheart killed David's dad, and David devotes his time to avenging his father's death. David's seen Steelheart bleed. And he will see him bleed again
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David is determined, bashful, intelligent, and a OT. He is determined to do what others think impossible, and he doesn't give up. But he is a bit bashful, as he only thinks he's smart because he works hard, though that's not the case.
"Wow,' Cody said. 'Honestly, lad, I thought you were exaggerating. But y'all really a full-blown supergeek, aren't you?' I blushed, still siting on my stool...
'I had a job to do,' I said. 'I decided to do it well."
-Sanderson, Pg 96, Steelheart
Abraham is more of the peacekeeper of the group, and the one to handle the bombs and heavy weaponry. Somewhat a RT, he's the one that people listen to, and probably the leader of the Reckoners if Prof ever stepped down.
"The words were nearly the same I had used earlier, but coming from Abraham's soft spoken, lightly accented voice, they seemed to hold more weight."
-Sanderson, Pg 100, Steelheart
"Cody has said it was magic, and had told me not to ask any questions lest I 'anger the wee daemons inside who make the gloves work and our coffee taste good."
-Sanderson, Pg 119, Steelheart
Megan is the newest recruit of the Reckoners, after David. She's the only female of importance in Steelheart, and David's "love interest". Megan's personality is shrouded in mystery until the end of the book, and even then things aren't clear. Our best guess is that she's an RT, but she had so many mood swings that it was hard to tell.
Being the leader, and the founder of the Reckoners, Prof is the most high ranking person David listens to. And probably the oldest as well. His real name is Jonathan Phaedrus. Prof is short for professor, or Phaedrus (PHaeDrus = PHD = Professor), and Jonathan fits the name well. He's the one that plans everything out, and he came up with some pretty cool inventions as well. We think that he is a OT turned RT , and wise.
"Assuming Steelheart doesn't just chase us down and shoot the copter out of the sky,' Prof said.
"I believe you said
was a downer?' Abraham asked.
"Sorry. Just pretend I said something self-righteous about truth instead."
-Sanderson, Pg 325, Steelheart
"We kill Epics, son,' Prof said... 'And we're good at it. but don't get it into your mind that we're revolutionaries, that we're going to tear down what's out there and put ourselves in its place. The
we start to think like that, we derail."
-Sanderson, Pg 182, Steelheart
"Prof stalked away, waving a hand in frustration,. I heard the curtain rustle as retreated back into his thinking room."
-Sanderson, Pg 224, Steelheart
Not much is know about Firefight, just the fact that he controls fire. Later on, it's revealed that he more likely controls illusions
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