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Dự án mạng xã hội du lịch

No description

Park Ho

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Dự án mạng xã hội du lịch

1. Barriers and market demand Travel social network idea What is the different between this site and others social network sites? Compiled from various sources. Facebook Graph Search People, places, pictures, hobbies Providing information on travel Travel guide
Introduction tourists destination including: government, culture, people...
Interest of places
Events & Recreation
Companies tourists
Travel guide
Contact information ( Tel, address, website, fax... )
Transport ( bus, taxi, airlines... )
Tips for tourists Google Graph search Features discovered tourist destination. Travel social network This site Admire the photos, videos and click "Location" Founder member
Ho Trung Dinh
Tel: 093.355.6850
Email: hotrungdinh@gmail.com How to gets money? Membership cards Sales membership card Commissions Cooperation with travel companies to sales tourists Advertising Barriers Many people spend a lot of time to prepare for the trip by aggregated travel information from many different websites including: Tripadvisor, gogobot, couchsurfing, agoda, booking, google, wikipedia, e.t.c People want to travel savings. Many people don't have enough money, but still want to travel. Many people don't have travel experience, so when they lost belongings or passports, e.t.c. They will be difficult to get support from the natives. Market demand Many people need a social networking site can provide all the tourist information they need to save more while traveling such as free accommodation (Couchsurfing is doing) and connect to the travel enthusiasts.
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