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Canada Prezi

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Peter Komierowski

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Canada Prezi

universities across all provinces
and territories TOP 35 Three Canadian universities rank in the top 35 world's best research universities. Language instruction generally English French instruction widely available in some provinces Academic performance main factor for admission. Some schools also weigh extracurricular involvement. OUTCOME Canadian degrees, globally recognized for excellence, are highly portable. Competitive international student tuition VS Quality found in the UK and the US TUITION CAD$ 8,000 - 23,000 Academic year living costs: CAD $7,000 - 12,000 including: room & board books medical insurance Some schools offer awards and support OUTCOME Great value investment in the future. Modern curriculums and customized individual degree programs. Multiple opportunities, such as volunteer service learning and high quality athletics. Exchange-study programs with partner institutions worldwide. OUTCOME The right degree to prepare for individual career choices. JOBS Canada offers international students part-time work and after graduation, eligibility for full-time work permit in Canada for up to 3 years Co-op programs: paid full-time degree-related work OUTCOME • Work experience in English
• An impressive resume and
career advantage HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE Cities are clean and safe, with good public services and transportation Universal health care, met by modest premiums paid by all residents. OUTCOME Safe environment to focus on academic studies DIVERSE & MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITIES languages spoken in Toronto languages spoken in Vancouver Cities are hubs for arts, cultural, sporting, and spirited community events OUTCOME Learn about diverse communities and build global connections LANDSCAPES OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY Canada possesses astonishing natural beauty 41 National parks and
protected reserves Experience the outdoor environment, and enjoy pristine wilderness and wildlife OUTCOME Be inspired to protect the natural beauty within the world © 2013 The University of British Columbia / International Student Initiative including:
• Niagara Falls
• The Great Lakes
• The Rocky Mountains
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