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Evolution of Weapons

A History of Weapons.

Evan Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Evolution of Weapons

The Evolution of Weaponry In the Beginning Around 2 million years ago, early humans used stones to throw at attackers or predators. Weapons are the objects that are used to kill or harm things. Weapons include bows, knives, swords, and guns. Weapons date back to 2 million years ago. 9,000 B.C. In around 9,000 B.C, Early humans made weapons such as flint spears and shaped clubs. The humans of this time also started to sharpen their spears and tools with things like knifes. 9,000 B.C Bow and Arrow 3900 B.C-3000 B.C Between these years a lot happened. The long-bow was created in Europe and the crossbow in China. 400 A.D Cavalry started appearing around this time. Whole Armies were appearing on tamed horses ready to fight. The Bronze Age 2500-1000 B.C The Bronze Age was the beginning of an industrial revolution. Bronze blades were becoming very popular and hence, the battle-ax, quality knife blades, and the sword were invented. The Iron Age 1000 B.C-400 C.E Humans found out how to use iron ore between these years. This strong new metal took over Bronze because of the stability of the weapons made with it. This new metal was Iron. The finding of this new metal didn't just help the military, but farmers also, because the idea of a plow came along with the idea of Iron. Swords, Battle-Axes, knifes, spears and daggers were taken to a new level with this new metal. By: Evan Smith December 14, 2012 0-1500 Samurai Swords 1066
THE HAMMER This weapon was heavy, and hard to bear, but it was brutal. 1200 Cannon China, France 1132 Firearm 1893 Automatic Guns 1945 Atomic Bomb 1915 Tanks AK-47 1945 FUTURE Plasma Weapons? BIBLIOGRAPHY SUMMARY This presentation will give you a brief summary of the evolution of weaponry, from homo-habilis to the space-age.

This presentation will also give you the dates and the places of major weapon advances, and the impact of that weapon in warfare. Gonen, Rivka. Weapons and Warfare in Ancient Times. N.p.: n.p., 1977. Print.
Lerner Archaeology Series.
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