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Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

No description

emma h

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

In the song "Pretty Hurts", Beyonce uses a metaphor to show that we have to leave the important things behind "You left with shattered mirror and the shards of beautiful past"to try to change. By using a metaphor Beyonce shows that the broken mirror is the past and you have to leave it behind.
Literary Devices
Beyonce uses this metaphor to say that almost every girl in today's society dream is to be perfect. By saying "Perfection is a disease" (9), she is comparing perfection to a disease because society's idea of perfection is as contagious as a disease.
Literary Devices
Literary Devices
Beyoncé Knowles is a multi-platinum and Grammy award winning artist.
Beyonce is known for her top selling albums such as BEYONCÉ, 4, I Am... Sasha Fierce, and Dangerously In Love.
Before starting her solo career, Beyonce was in the band Destiny’s Child.
Then after leaving Destiny’s Child she began sing pop and dance songs as her career went on her song become more explicit and provocative.
Beyonce is married to rapper Jay Z; the power couple has a daughter named Bleu Ivy.
Beyonce's networth is $450 million dollars

Works Cited
Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"
Emma Hill and Sidney Ohr
Period 6
February 4, 2015

Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"
Beyonce uses personification "Reflection stares right into you "(Beyonce 39). This shows even if you tried to run from it your reflection haunts you. Beyonce is giving your reflection human like traits to show that it will never leave and whether you like the way look or not it will always be there. Since it will always be there, you should be happy with it.
The theme of this song is today's society relies on being beautiful rather than anything else
Why: We choose this song because it has a deeper meaning than what people really see. most the time people just listen to songs because they are catchy.
Beyoncé Knowles. “Pretty Hurts”. Beyoncé. Columbia, 2014. MP3.
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Lover, Beyonce. "Pretty hurts - lyrics - beyonce." Online video clip.YouTube. YouTube, 4 january 2014. Web. 31 january 2015.
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