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David Thompson

No description

Mayuti Kanagalingam

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of David Thompson

David Thompson David Thompson David
Thompson was born on April 30th 1770. He lived in London England. He passed away on February 10, 1857. Birth and Death http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Thompson_(explorer) http://www.northwestjournal.ca/V1.htm Work Sited Voyages David Thompson
was an explorer, as an explorer
Thompson journeyed along
the North Saskatchewan
river in 1786 to the Manchester
house. In 1806 Thompson travelled
to the Rocky Mountian House
to prepare for an expedition to go
to the Columbie River, to the pacific.
In early 1810, while Thompson was
returning eastward to Montreal when
he got some recieved orders to
return back to the Rocky Mountians. David Thompson Memorial Family David Thompson had
13 children. All there children
were either 2 or 3 years
apart. His spouse was Charlotte
Small. Thompson married Charlotte
on June 10 1799. The marriage happened at the Scotch Presbyterian Church in Montreal on October 30, 1812. They had troubles because they couldn't adjust to the life in Eastern
Canada. Two of the children
John age(5) and Emma age(7)
died from round worms, a common
parasite. http://www.rockieswest.info/p2a/iFrames/ValleyHistory.html David Thompson Other Interesting Facts On December 23, 1788, David Thompson was 18 years old. He fell down a bank and broke his leg. The injury was life threatening. When David Thompson was age 2, his father died. Skills Accomplishments David Thompson mapped
over 3.9 million square
kilometres of North America.
David Thompson was also the
first European to navigate all
of the Columbia River. David Thompson's map
was so accurate, that
100 years later it was
still used as the basis
for many maps seen by
the Canadian Government.
At a small age he got
enrolled in Grey Coat
mathematical school.
He always loved math. David Thompson and Charlotte Small Statue By: Mayuti Kanagalingam The End
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