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how to create a Google document

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Samantha Salamone

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of how to create a Google document

How to access your google drive How to create a Google Document Introduction This program is a lot like microsoft word because it allows you to create a document and put your own format on it. however, unlike microsoft any documents you create using google docs will automatically save to your google acount. Also, google docs allows you to share your documents right away with anybody that you choose. yes, it is a little bit different than other softwares that you may have used in the past so we are here to teach you the tips and tricks of using google docs Step one Step Two Click on the red "Create" button underneath the word Drive. Step three Now, select the type of document you would like to make. First go on to Google Drive (https://drive.google.com) Step four Next, whatever document you choose will show up as a blank, untitled document. In the top corner it will say ''untitled document''. click on that and choose a name for your document. There are six choices to pick from as a document: Documents, presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, and
Drawing Tip Everything you do in Google Docs in automatecally saved This will appear when changes are saved To share your Google Doc, click on the blue share button under your email How to Share Google Docs Now, click on the box labeled "Add People" Type in the names of people you want to share with To access your Google Drive just log into your Google account Click "OK" and the person will soon recieve an email, and will be viewing it once they open the email and click the link provided. When they open it they will be editing the same document you are and the person will appear in your "other veiwers" For more information please watch
this clip from youtube by: Sam Salamone and Cassidy Woods
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