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Job Shadow

No description

maria meza

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Job Shadow

By: Maria L. Meza Job Shadow Where and With Who? I Went To Tenderfoot Daycare I learned all the skills it takes to be a good daycare teacher such as patience when your teaching them somthing new its going to take a while for them to get it What I learned I learned many new things but i really enjoyed leaning how to prepare the kids for an emergancy because they did a practice fire drill and a practice stranger danger drill which we know as lockdown drill. They all did a good job I Shadowed Mrs.Anne
And Mrs.Patty What did I do? I play with the kids which was amazingly fun well at least until you've got all the little kids saying "now its my turn she wants to play with me " and them suddenly they are all crying i was also like a teacher's helper which was not as fun as i thought it would be because mrs.patty told me to read them a book so they can sleep. well it turns out little kids love reading stories so i was pretty much just helping them say the words it was also impresing to see all of these kids work together What suprised me the most it was suprising to see how much reasponsability you need for this job it was really impressing to see how smart the kids were Skills for this job you need responsability, patiance, good with kids, and you have to be a good reader because they love reading books. Education? masters dagree in child care need at least 3 years in collage my experiance verry valuable because it helped me see what it takes to be a good daycare teacher job for me? mabey dependes on what dayare what skills do you teach them that will help them later in life Questions we teach them how to be friendly, kind, and carring
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