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Chains: Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Austin Pratte

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Chains: Laurie Halse Anderson

This book relates to my life because I am kind of similar to some of the characters. Isabel is creative and humorous, just like me. Ruth is curious, just like me. Curzon has a good sense of humor and figures things out by looking for underlying information.......
just like me. In relation to the books storyline, my life is similar in some ways. In the story, many unexpected things occur. Now trust me, many things occur in my life that I don't expect.
Isabel find Curzon in prison. He acts as if her were dead. She then wheelbarrows him out all the way to the river, where there is a rowboat that Isabel previously stole. They then sail on to find Ruth.
Rising Action
The main rising action of "Chains" was when Isabel and Ruth were sold. They had to get used to Master and Madam Lockton's rules, and had to work very hard for them. Them being sold to the Locktons really started the story and made it even more captivating.
Madam Lockton and Isabel are in church when the climax occurs. They hear one explosion. Then another. Everyone runs and screams. As soon as they've left the church, another bomb goes off. Tons of guns are shot. The British are trying to take over New York. They are successful.
Falling Action:
The falling action is when Mrs. Seymour locks Isabel in the potato cellar for the night as punishment for trying to run away. She kicks and kicks at the old wood at night, until it finally gives out. She steals some money and escapes to go find Curzon.
Laurie Halse Anderson's
PREZI by: Austin Pratte
Success comes from not giving up on something you've worked hard for.
Ages 10+
1st Conflict: Isabel and her sister's previous owner dies. They have no parents and no where to go.
2nd Conflict: Mrs. Lockton sells Ruth to a family in New Jersey and doesn't tell Isabel until Isabel asks where she is.
Main Conflict: Character vs. Society

Isabel has many conflicts with her owner and the British Troops.

Ex: (Chapter 15) Isabel sneaks out and into the streets at night. She is caught by British soldiers, and tries to bribe them with information to let her and her sister get back to Rhode Island.
Sad, Demanding, and Angry
Rhode Island
May of 1776
Isabel, Pastor Weeks, Mr. Robert Finch, Ruth, Mr and Mrs. Lockton, Becky, and Curzon.
Madam Lockton was the protagonist in this book because she was the main thing keeping Isabel and Ruth from living happy lives. She created the main conflict by seperating Ruth from Isabel by selling Ruth to a family in New Jersey.
The protagonist of this story was the main character, Isabel. She was the only one who really thought straight and thought of the realistic part of everything. She protected her sister. She saved Washington by uncovering Master Lockton's plot to kill President Washington.
Book Relation
Book Evidence: (pg 285) "I kicked again and leaned forward to feel the boards. The one had a piece chipped off where the wood was rotted through, and the other had a long split in it. I leaned back and took a deep breath, then kicked and kicked with all my strength until the wood broke and flew into the dark."
Book Evidence: (page 172) "The true invasion of New York started with the firing of a hundred ships' cannons when we were at church Sunday morning. The first plast made the women shriek. The second blast made me wonder if God Himself was fixing to blow the island apart. The third blast caused us to run from the door."
Book Evidence: (page 23)"Madam stared at Jenny. "Can you top the offer?"......... Jenny shook her head. "I cannot pay more." She bobbed a little curtsy. "My husband will tally your account."......Mr. Robert chuckled and reached for his pie. "Well then, we had a little auction here, after all."
Book Evidence: (page 297) "I backed up as slow as I could, cringing with every creak of the wheels. Once we were out of sight of the men, I pulled the blankets off Curzon. "Get up," I whispered as I helped him from the barrow. "We need to get past those soldiers. After that it's two blocks to the river."
Book Evidence: (page 132) "I pushed her hand away and wiped off the flour.
"Where is she? What did they do to her!?"
"She's gone," Becky said.
"Gone?" I repeated. "Gone where?"
Becky studied her shoes again. "Sold."
I would really recommend this book to people interested in American History, and who wanted to know what slavery felt like and wanted a good detailed description of the treatment that slaves got. People who enjoy books with ending that are left ambiguous.

Madam Lockton
Master Lockton
The End
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