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Shalom Ham

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of Research

Chapter 8
Shalom Ham
Lakita Joseph
Oneal Campbell
Decie Alston
Darrian Rorie
Jelisia Artis
Have you ever researched the perfect destination location to get away from friends, acquaintances, or even family members?
The purpose of this presentation is to inform the audience of various ways to conduct research for any form of speech.
Over the past two weeks, we have become informed on the field of research by reading the Communication text and conversing with professors at North Carolina Central University.

Internet Sources
Developing a Research Plan
Start early and gather more information than you think you'll need
Prepare a preliminary list of references
Be selective about materials that will enhance your knowledge and clarify information to speakers
Take good notes and keep complete information on speeches
In order to prepare for a vital speech, it is important to develop a research plan, use social media as an information source, utilize the library to perform information research, and obtain research to support and clarify ideas.
Who wrote the material? what qualifications does the writer have?
Publishing Body:
Who "publishes" or sponsors the website?
How recently was the website published, created, or updated?
Can you determine why the information is on the web?
Using Research to Support and Clarify Ideas
adds truth worthiness to the speaker's research topic
The speaker's opinion must be acceptable and believeable to the audience
The speaker's opinion should come from objective sources
Brief examples, illustrations, and analogies are beneficial to speeches because it allows the audience to clarify info
Introduces topics and creates a desired impression
Also, gives in depth info and explains the purpose behind the presentation
Support and Clarifying Ideas
Utilize the Library to perform Information Research
The communications text highlights library resources through library computer searches and mediating information sources
College libraries often contain online articles of magazines, newsletters, transcripts , and databases.
The references department is also essential in finding information on specific subject areas through dictionaries , almanacs, yearbooks, i9indexes, and encyclopedias.
We hope this presentation was helpful in providing expertise and knowledge on research for speech presentations.
Once again, remember to utilize the library, social media, and the internet to properly conduct research that will enhance any presentation.
It was a pleasure to share principles on research. If anyone has questions or comments, please feel free to ask any group member. Thank you!
Social Media as an Information Source
George Couros: Five positve benefits on education
Social media as an information tool
Oral Communication
About Statistics
Make sure that the statistics you present in your speech are from reliable and neutral sources.
Numerical data that show relationships or summarize or interpret many instances.
Even though statistics can be interesting and compelling they can also be confusing and difficult.
Take time to explain the statistics you are using.
Use statistics sparingly
Round off large number
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