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Olympic History Timeline

The entire History of the Olympic Games

Terique Jarrett

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of Olympic History Timeline

Olympic History Timeline April 6, 1896
Games of the I Olympaid: Athens, Greece 1900
Games of the II Olympaid: Paris, France 1904
Games of the III Olympiad: St. Louis, U.S.A 1908
Games of the IV Olympaid: London, England 1912
Games of the V Olympaid: Stockholm, Sweden 1916
Games of the VI Olympiad: Berlin, Germany (Cancelled due to WWI) 1920
Games of the VII Olympaid: Antwerp, Belgium 1924
Games of the VIII Olympaid: Paris, France 1928
Games of the IX Olympaid: Amsterdam, Holland July 30, 1932
Games of the X Olympiad: Los Angeles, U.S.A 1936
Games of the XI Olympaid: Berlin, Germany 1940
Games of the XII Olympaid: (Cancelled due to WWII)
Games of the XIII Olympaid: (Cancelled due to WWII) 1948
Games of the XIV Olympiad: London, England 1952
Games of the XV Olympaid: Helsinki, Finland 1956
Games of the XVI Olympaid: Melbourne/Stockholm, Sweden 1960
Games of the XVII Olympiad: Rome, Italy 1964
Games of the XVIII Olympiad: Tokyo, Japan 1968
Games of the XIX Olympaid: Mexico City, Mexico 1972
Games of the XX Olympaid: Munich, Germany 1976
Games of the XXI Olympaid: Montreal, Canada 1980
Games of the XXII Olympaid: Moscow, Russia 1984
Games of the XXIII Olympaid: Los Angeles, U.S.A 1988
Games of the XXIV Olympaid: Seoul, Korea 1992
Games of the XXV Olympiad: Barcelona, Spain 1996
Games of the XXVI Olympaid: Atlanta, U.S.A 2000
Games of the XXVII Olympaid: Sydney, Australia 2004
Games of the XXVIII Olympaid: Athens, Greece 2008
Games of the XXIX Olympaid: Beijing, China 2012
Games of the XXX Olympaid: London, England By Terique Jarrett
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