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Katelyn Brosig

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of LOVE

Technology and Love
Laws of Marriage
Expressing Love
Dating and How Its Changed
Social Media
TV Shows
People who watch romantic movies believe "love will find a way" and "love at first sight"
Happy marriage TV shows cause people to believe love will be perfect
TV sitcoms cause negative views on romance
Dates on shows such as The Bachelor cause people to idealize love
Fighting couples on sitcoms cause negative reactions to love
Dating in the Past
How has the idea of love changed over time?
The goal of dating was to get married
People tried to find more of a serious relationship
Dating people from other races/religions/social classes was prohibited
Intercourse would come AFTER marriage
Dating Now
Increased overall frequency of communication
Helps people maintain long distance relationships
Meet people who you would've never met

People become unsociable
Hide behind screen
Awkward in person
People can hide aspects about themselves
Dating is more "fun"
Common goal for dating, especially in young teens is usually not to marry
Numerous dating sites that single men and women can go on
Going to clubs, a movie, bowling, or a fancier restaurant would be an example of a common date idea now

Change Over Time
Went out for dinner
Opening doors
Bought flowers
Wrote poetry
Social Media Stats
NORDIC COUNTRIES (during the sixteenth- seventeenth centuries)
Men decorated wooden spoons with different meanings
An anchor meant they wanted to settle down
Same-Sex Marriage Laws
Interracial Marriages
Expression of Love PRESENT DAY
Hand holding
Going out for dinner
Opening doors
Physical intimacy
Around the World
More than one billion people have Facebook worldwide (1/7 of the earth)
Forty-one million Americans have tried online dating sites
17% of all marriages last year were from first encounters on online dating sites
Miscegenation: marriage between 2 people from different racial groups
1750's- all southern colonies plus Massachusetts and Pennsylvania made interracial marriages illegal
African Americans were known more as property then as a "real person"
Many white people believed miscegenation would result in the degradation of the "white blood"
To marry a white person was to help preserve the white race
1967- (awhile after the civil war) miscegenation was finally made legal
Buying flowers
Spending time together
Go out to dinner
Do fun things together
Physical intimacy
Men control women
Men can take children if divorce happens
Women are slaves
Men are nice at first and then turn mean
Men take a woman's money and freedom
Koran says it's okay to beat women
Men can divorce and not tell their wife
Effects of Expressing Love via Social Media
People have less quality of communication
People who spend a lot of time with technology can struggle to understand emotion and how to create strong relationships
Doesn't help develop basic communication skills
Effects concentration, self-esteem, and empathy
Skype (face to face interaction) can help relationships
Easier to communicate from behind a screen
By: Katelyn Brosig, Annie Schneider, Faith Zalec, and Olivia Rapp
How Labeling Has Caused People to Get Judged:
The race/ sexuality a person does not define them as a person
These labels are not "born" dangerous but are made hurtful in the extent of the characteristics that come along with it
An experiment was done by lining people up and showing how no one has the exact same skin color so there should not be categorization

How Technology Has Changed the Way People Interact
Online Dating
U.S laws
State legislatures, voters and the courts have made huge changes over the past two decades in determining the laws for same-sex marriage
Thirty-six states have legalized same-sex marriage
Other Countries
Eighteen countries allow freedom to marry someone of a same sex
In Australia, when couples including gay/lesbians stay together for more than two years, they achieve "De Facto" which protects them in their marriage
How Society Has Changed its Acceptance Toward Gay/Lesbian Couples

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58% of Americans believe that gay/lesbian relations are more acceptable
Only 38% of Americans in 2002
Mormon Church:
Mormon leaders recently pledged to support anti-discrimination laws for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders
Mormon church is one of several faiths that are fighting for religious freedom
Mormons are proud to be a part of this change
People concentrate on their phones more than what's around them
People's obsession with smartphones has changed the way we interact, and how we feel/think
Information is quickly passed on
Many people are turning to social media sites looking for relationships
How has the idea of love changed overtime?
33% of couples met online
1,000,000 babies born from people
who met on match.com
Works Cited
The ways that couples express their love has
changed over time
Technology, such as online dating websites, have created many relationships
Technology such as cell phones and social media has become major distractions in relationships
The laws of marriage have changed over time by allowing interracial and same sex marriages
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