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No description

Alejandro Ledesma

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of THE PACIFIC OCEAN!!!

The pacific ocean is one of the largest oceans.
By Jaelyn Alvarez & Alejandro Ledesma
By Shadontay Griffin
weather at the pacific ocean by Natalya Nunez
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Botanist By Leslie Garcia

The weather that is going on in the pacific ocean ecosystem is really bad the weather is 15 times greater than it used to be.Also, the pacific ocean climate of water is that energy that makes it impossible to separate them.Most of the pacific oceans is low latitudes between 35 degrees N 35 degrees S. so now you realize we should take care of our pacific ocean more than we should.
Killer Whales are very dangerous
animals, they eat anything that's in
the ocean. These animals are very
smart animals. Their main prey are
seals, fish, and squid, their favorite
food is seals.These animals are
black and white .SO...... watch out!
Seaweed is a big part of the ocean. It can be roasted an eaten. Seaweed is a habitat to some animals such as small fish like clown fish, serg fish, and pin fish.

sharks have up to seven gill slits to help them breathe wow! Sharks can't stay still even when they sleep. If they do they will suffocate and even die. Ouch!
Did you know that if you drop a single drop of blood, sharks can smell it and rapidly they go right to it. How cool!

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