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AI Shoes

No description

Euge Leto

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of AI Shoes

Are you tired of those BORING sportive shoes? Do you want your sportive shoes to match with all your clothes? Would YOU like a CHANGE? Here we have YOUR SOLUTION It's called AI shoes
As we care about YOU and YOUR feet, we had this awesome idea. It came out when we were trying to make a COOL sportive shoe. We know that people HATE them, so we had the idea of making a brand new type. The AI Shoes have lots of different applications for your feet to be comfortable. You can use it everywhere! YOU KNOW WHY?
Because it's a sportive shoe hidden by a cool and modern one. It doesn't matter if you have to go running or cycling, you have your AI Shoes so you will never have to worry about what you are wearing, It's so cool that it will be UNNOTICED! EVERYBODY will be using it.
Don´t be left out!
They are amazing, there are lots of things inside. You know that the snicker that you use for runnning have special springs. Well, here they are hidden with an excelent high quality coloured rubber. Besides, your feet won´t sweat! Even when you're making excersice or you are at home, they will be fresh and clean every time, because it is covered with a special mattres all over the inside and it has little holes to make your feet breath. You can buy them EVERYWHERE, as you are special for us we did it for you and just for you, wear them with all the style! They also have cool laces. They can be of only one colour or have two different colours, they are unique and fashionable so don´t miss this opportunity! The AI´s come in twenty different colours. YES, twenty! You should try our new design it's called ECO AI. They are made with different materials taken from the nature and they are biodegradable. LET´S SAVE OUR PLANET! MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CREW
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