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Rebecca Spalvieri

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


BY, Jewell Parker Rhodes
The theme of this story is about a girl named Lanesha, that lives with her caretaker, Mama Ya-Ya and how she protects the ones she loves before the horrible storm heads there way.

" I close my eyes, getting as close as I can to Mama Ya-Ya, praying our house won't fall over. Praying she's gonna be all right'' (Rhodes 131).
The setting of the story takes place in New Orleans, Ninth Ward 2005.

" They live in up town. Richer than where I live, the Ninth Ward, New Orleans'' (Rhodes 2).
Point of view:
Lanesha's point of view is that, she wants to be ready for when the storm comes and she wants to stay safe.
" I gather all the candles, matches, and flashlights we have. I put them in a box in Mama Ya-Ya's room. I drag extra blankets from the linen closet and put them there, too'' (Rhodes 119).
Person vs. Nature: Lanesha faces person vs. nature, when Hurricane Katrina comes and hits them hard.

" My clothes and shoes are getting heavier and heavier. My head can't stay above water. I fail my arms, and kick" (Rhodes 207).
" You know something, I say. Yes I know something. But it's not mine to tell, it's yours to figure out. I feel irritated. I get up. The sun is now low in the sky. I close my eyes. I can smell wet. Damp, rotting, salty wet. Katrina is coming" (Rhodes 121).
If you like to read true stories about storms I would read this book.
Ninth Ward, is a dramatic fiction book based on actual events.
Protagonist: Lanesha, Mama Ya-Ya
Antagonist: Hurricane Katrina
I sit on the floor beside Mama Ya-Ya and think about the problem. How to make sure the four of us survive? Someone will come. What if no one comes. The water will stop rising. What if the water doesn't stop rising?" (Rhodes 169).
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