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Essay Question 1.04

No description

Aline Pereira

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Essay Question 1.04

This weekend you are going camping with your closest friends and family. Thankfully, the layers of your skin will help protect you during this adventure. Discuss at least two ways each layer, the epidermis and dermis, may protect you on this excursion
Is the Outermost layer of the skin that protects from foreign invaders and water loss. The epidermis can protect you from pollen and dust. So you don't have to worry when you go camping!
The Dermis Layer
The dermis is the second and thickest layer of your skin.
hair follicle and Sweat glans are in the dermis layer. The Dermis can be very important because it can help with thermoregulation which is the blood vessels,hair follicles and sweat glands. The dermis help it maintain the body temperature down or up. When you sweat the nervous system signals sweat glans to release liquid to the surface of your skin. This makes your body cool down.
My own scenario
When I went to Boston for my very first time I was very excited. I was expect to see snow for the first time! When we finally got there I saw snow and couldn't help to have a huge smile on my face until suddenly... The car automatically stopped. My family and I all waited 1 hour for my aunt and uncle to come rescue us in the freezing car parked on the side of the slippery highway. Sense it was a big car we all gathered together in the escalade and waited until they had finally arrived! When they got there my uncle helped my dad with the car and it finally after 2hrs it filly started working! Than God my uncle was a mechanic in the past.
The Dermis can also help your body temperature when you get cold at night. Your Blood vessels will react quickly. It contracts to get the body to minimize heat loss.
Essay Question 1.04
Question 3
How did we stay warm?
Since I have three layers of skin, one of them helped my family and I to stay warm!
The dermis layer was the layer that helped us out on this case. When our bodies got extremely cold the dermis layer of my skin helped us to get warm. and here's why...
The blood vessels contracted and it decreased the flow of heat- carrying the blood through the skin which it minimized the heat loss in our bodies. The sweat glands in the dermis automatically stopped so that the sweat wouldn't evaporate the heat in our bodies.
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