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Tumauini, Isabela

Thankyou for viewing my presentation. Please take time to leave a comment. Thankyou and Gob bless! :)

Chiqui Alexis Villanueva

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Tumauini, Isabela

A place I'd always love to come back to
As I lie awake and open my eyes
Again I see the dawn's clear light
Darkness has faded as the sun rise
Unveiling the beauty of the mountain height
Of clouds and birds in the clear skies
Each day I would blankly stare
On an open field as planted corns sway
Feeling the breeze of fresh summer air
Embracing the scenery's glamor with gay
Truly an Eden,
nothing would ever compare
My childhood days I remember anew
Spent the day wandering
Discovering something new
Playing, running
Climbing and biking too
I lay my weary head to rest
Under a tall mango tree
Winds whip from east to west
And I stay still lazily
Dazzled. Captivated. Soulfully Impressed
I see lovely fireflies
With their tiny wings
Blazing the night sky
Such a cute little thing
Left me surprised and sufficed
A lovely place to remember
By: Chiqui Alexis C. Villanueva
A lovely place to remember
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