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MKTG630 Marketing Plan

No description

Carol Beard

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of MKTG630 Marketing Plan

Health conscious- Food With Integrity
Environmentally focused- Sustainability
Socially conscious- Burrito-ful customers
Image conscious
Embrace uniqueness
Marketing Plan

Jayme Brown
Carol Beard
Deanna Finch
Michelle Tweed
Annamarie LaManna

MKTG630 Applied Managerial Marketing
Professor Jen Barber
Locations and Loyalty
Company Ethics
The Customer: Market Analysis
Where are the Customers?
Company History
Ages 18-44 years old
High school educated and college educated
Working class or professionals on the go
59.7% female and 40.3% male
Average income ranging from $10k-$100k
Local market:
Cultivate Food & Music Festivals (Denver Aug 17th)
20th Anniversary Celebration (adventurrito.com)
Halloween costume contests ($2 burrito)
Farmer’s markets with food token/burrito coupon
Commuting workers & tourists
Commercial events: Catering launch in CO
San Juan Batista, CA
While they aren't based in Colorado, Earthbound is one of our most important farms and supplies us with tons of beautiful, organic cilantro, which we think is just as important to highlight as our local suppliers. Back in 1984, Earthbound Farm started growing organic food in a 2½ acre garden. Today, you’ll find them in kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, and corner stores across the country. But no matter how they’ve grown, it’s always been about growing the right way — nourishing people, nourishing the land, and nourishing happiness. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and EBFarm.com
Hungenberg Produce is a fifth generation family farm that started in 1908. It began as a small farm, but over the years has expanded to about 4,000 acres and added its own processing and packing plant. It is currently run by brothers Jason and Jared Hungenberg, the great-great-grandchildren of Emily Hungenberg, who purchased the original seven-acre farm over one hundred years ago. Hungenberg Produce now farms delicious, Colorado-grown carrots, cabbage, onion sets, and rotation crops of pinto beans and shell corn. The splendid Colorado summers consist of warm days, and cool nights that can condense the sugars – which is why Colorado carrots taste sweeter than any other carrot in the world. Today, Hungenberg Produce ships carrots and cabbage all over the United States. Buying Colorado grown carrots and cabbage promises you are receiving premier vegetables grown in the best methods from their field to your table, in the freshest manner possible
In 1986, Shane Milberger started farming with a small tractor and a few acres. He grew a variety of vegetables including pueblo chiles, sweet corn, and many more and sold them at local farmers markets and roadside stands. Each year his business expanded to include a little bit more. Milberger Farms has been in business for 24 years.

Now Milberger Farms is a business that involves the whole family as Shane shares it with his sons. Their season begins with asparagus and continues through the summer with a variety of vegetables until the season ends with the pumpkin harvest

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Leigh Goessel The benefits and challenges of using information systems in business
Created on: January 06, 2010 Last Updated: August 30, 2011

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College Marketing
High School Lunch Room
Local Athletic Events - Races etc.
Special Menu Items
Information Systems

Focus on people who love food
Respect the Food
Food is for Enjoyment
Moe's Southwest Grill
Food is Fun
Food Mission
Founded in 1993
"Remarkable Growth"
(Kaplan, 2011)
Benefits of using information systems in business: Reducing the level of redundancy equates to cost-savings. When redundancy is reduced and/or eliminated, this saves on man hours worked and frees up employees to take on other tasks.
With proper planning a company can maximize profit while decreasing overhead costs. Implementing a new system typically comes with a large price tag, but if business requirements and processes are properly and accurately identified, the payoffs can be big.
While the benefits typically outweigh the drawbacks, it is important that organizations recognize the challenges and responsibility that do come with integrating information systems.
Organizational change is typically one of the largest hurdles a business has to contend with when updating

S of using Information in Business Systems
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