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Careers in Music

No description

Annie Brechbuhler

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Careers in Music

Careers in Music
*Bachelor's Degree, Master's, Ph.D.
*Classes in theory and composition to learn the rules of writing music
*Applied lessons on a major instrument
*American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
*Work as a professor, teach privately
Music Ministry
*Bachelor's Degree
*Can be done without a degree
*Instrumental or vocal
*Children's ministry
*Can be accomplished through seminary
Music Performance
*Undergraduate level - four years of college
*Master's in Music, Ph.D
*Applied lessons are your major focus
*Finding connections - performing as much as possible
*Opera, Performing on an instrument, etc.

Music Education
*Bachelor of Music Education
*Classes in various methods of teaching music
*Applied lessons on a major instrument
*Student Teaching and Praxis
*Kindergarten - 12th Grade
*College/University level
*Band, Jazz, Orchestra, Choir, General Music
There are many paths that a musician might follow, and everyone starts from the same place.
Music Therapy
Instrument Repair
Music Production
Musical Theatre
Music Management
Playing Professionally
*Learn an instrument
*Take lessons
*Find a mentor
*Make connections

*Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree
*Six month internship
*Board certification exam
*Any type of therapy needed can be accomplished through music
Kelli (Abused and Neglected Children)
- I chose music therapy because I love helping people accomplishing goals through music! Whether it is healing, learning to say their name, fighting drug addiction, or deciding to be a survivor instead of a victim, music therapy has been scientifically proven to help all of those populations over and over again! Music therapy is the perfect combination of science and performance.
Emily (Hospice)
- Music therapy is my favorite way to show other people that there is hope, goodness, and kindness in this world. Other people experience this when I care for them with music. It's a beautiful blend of scientific research and artistic expression.
Tyler (Music Therapy, Lead vocalist, guitarist, Delta Sol Revival)
- Life is about the finding for the love of a process. Everyone loves the final result of mostly anything, it's easy to enjoy that. Life is about finding something in which you enjoy the process just as much if not more than the product. I find this with music, it's a constant partner and source of expression. Never complains, never whines, and always helps me whenever needed! Find something, whether music or not, where you enjoy the process more than the product.
- I plan on composing film (movie) scores. I love the idea of creating a story through music to help tell and bring depth, whether through emotion and/or plot lines, to a moving picture.
- Composition is definitely something I've done better in when I've regarded it more as an organic process rather than something that I'm going to intentionally make a specific way for a specific purpose, etc. The most natural-sounding and superior symphonies were usually, I think, written with such an approach.
Mr. Williams
- After attaining a vocal music degree. I started teaching high school choirs and church choirs. I enjoy watching young musicians grow and I also enjoy watching them produce great music
(High School Choir)- I do it to see the smiles on students' faces as they accomplish a piece of music. When they sing/play and have visible love on their face because they enjoy what they are doing. To teach students how to love through music.
Lauren (High School Choir)
- I love teaching my students an art they will always be able to do. We discuss that although it is important to be in sports or into fitness, our bodies cannot always handle it especially as we age. Music is something we can do (singing, playing an instrument, or like my husband can do - create and manipulate music using technology) no matter what!
Mrs. Zinecker
-I feel being given the gift of music and sharing that with children, is one of the highest callings. It is important to be confident as a performer, with solid musical skills, before educating. Children deserve the very best you have to offer.
Mrs. Miller
- I teach K-2 music to make sure kids learn to read music vocally so they have many musical options in junior high, high school, and college. Most importantly, I teach kids that music is fun so they'll WANT to continue with music in junior high, high school, college, and their whole life long. There's nothing better for the spirit and soul than music!
Mrs. Murad (Elementary General Music)- I teach music because what other field can light up all areas of the brain while having fun at the same time?! I get to sing, dance and play all day long and it helps my students become more intelligent and better rounded future citizens.
- I chose music therapy because the idea of helping people through music was exactly what I wanted to do. I just didn't realize that there was an actual title for it. It was purely happenstance that I happened to discover that music therapy was an actual thing (through online career quizzes) And it sounded great and now I'm totally in love! And I can't believe that I've made it this far from that cute, little career quiz.
- Music therapy uses music to give others hope in life whether the client is sad, autistic, disabled or in hospice. I love being able to share my passion for music to those who can benefit from music.
- Music has always been an integral part of my life. It's adhered to my spirit; the joy I get from creating music with others is like none other. Some people get a runner's high; I get a musician's high. The goosebumps running down my arms, whether from playing onstage with a rock band, composing, conducting or listening a symphony, is always worth the work it requires.
Zach - I compose music. I strive to demonstrate with my music what our words cannot describe. I see music as a voice for those that cannot describe their thoughts and emotions with words alone. I put my heart and soul into each piece I write. People often say "The Sky is the Limit!" I prefer to view the sky as a platform from which we, as humans, can strive for so much more. I strive for the beauty of our Universe in everything I write.
*The study of music
-Art, performance, ritual
-The psychology of music

*Undergraduate or Graduate Degrees, Ph.D.

*College professor or work in the field

Zoltan Kodaly
Percy Grainger


*Something that will always be needed!

*For a company or individually

*Classes taught in college or at a trade school

*Palen Music Center
*Hoover Music
*Springfield Music

Road Representative
*Many start as music educators

*Bring schools needed supplies, instruments, transport repairs

*Give assistance to directors in rural areas/those with no one else around

- I went into music education because I love people and I love making connections with them through music. I took the opportunity to get into the music business for the same reason. My job is centered around helping others connect with what they need at any given time. I connect teachers and administrators with resources, colleagues, and materials that help them do their jobs. I help parents and students connect with the supplies and materials that will help them succeed in the classroom. And, I connect young teachers entering the profession with as many mentors and opportunities as I can that will help propel them into a job where they can then begin helping others connect to music. So, I guess when you boil it all down, I'm a people connector... and what better way to connect people than through music?!
*Actors and actresses who sing and dance
*Either as a single major, or a double major in music and theatre
*Work in productions - (Broadway! Movies!) or become a drama teacher
*Like performance, it's about finding connections

Jennifer - I sing because it brings me tremendous joy. I teach others to sing because it multiplies my joy out into the world! I truly believe that music can have a healing effect on people while giving permission to create and express feelings that cannot be expressed with words alone.

I studied vocal performance, earned my degree and, while still in college, accepted my first professional musical theatre contract. Fifteen years later, I have had the opportunity to be a proud member of the professional theatre community and am an Addy Award winning studio vocalist. 34 years singing and I still do it for 2 main reasons: to share the talents with which I have been blessed and to see the emotions that the theatrical experience can bring into life. An audience member gives 2-3 hours of their life and I take the responsibility seriously to tell a story in the most amazing way so that they get a joyful, emotional return on their investment.
*Work with technology
*Mixing, mastering, cutting, and piecing together tracks to make an album

Jason Nunn (J-None)

*Work for musical artists
*Booking dates
*Promoting shows
*Connecting people

Disc Jockey
*Many begin as interns
*Get first access to new music
*Become a local celebrity of sorts
*Employ a sense of humor
*Engage people skills

Where Can I Go to College?

*Drury (DU)
*Evangel (EU)
*Southern Baptist University (SBU)
*University of Central Missouri (UCM)
*Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO)
*Missouri State University (MSU)
*University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou)
*Washington University (WashU)
*Saint Louis University (SLU)
*Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest)
*University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC)
*Columbia College
*Missouri Southern State University (MSSU)
*Truman State University
*Missouri Western State University (MO Western)
*University of Missouri - Saint Louis (UMSL)
*William Jewell
Aaron Robison
(Formerly Robo on Power 96.5)
Public Relations
Arts Administration Communication
As a DJ, you delve into the communications side of things. It's your job to take what others have created and expose them in a way the maximum amount of people can enjoy! As a producer, it's your job to once again take bits and pieces of what others have created and turn them into something that appeals to the masses. Like a commercial producer, my job is to figure out what music, words, voice and tone work best together and what emotion will best sell a clients product.

I've applied for a grant to research the effects of music and taste and what best pairs with one another. Much like how tons of research went into pairing food with beverage, I want to see if there is an effect in the music realm of the senses. Even in another industry, my life revolves around music.
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