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No description

nancy tran

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of Arbonne

Orpah Saha & Nancy Tran stp analysis segmentation: competitve segment:
foot cream/beauty skin care product for woman with dehydrated skin (around feet).
uncommon for foot cream to be highly priced stp analysis positioning: position strategy:
Benefit: hydrates feet to give it a fresh glow
Target: feels as if they own brand, because product is exclusive and has high class image
Price: one of highest prices for skin care products on market
Distribution: when ordered online, employee comes to door to personally demonstrate products use
Service: provides spas in all Arbonne retailers
4 P's:
Place: located in selected areas
Price: high end product sold at a high price ($45.00)
Promotion: no promotions needed in order to keep with the quality of the product without cheapening the brand
Product: High quality product that provides various benefits for the user stp analysis positioning: 3 C's:
Customer: rich/brand loyal consumers who care for brand
Competition: limited due to quality and price of product
Company Goals: acheive high quality image and maintain loyal customer base
Product Attributes: foot cream made for consumers who desire a beautiful image, and product offers price which appeal to target market while offering exclusive quality that no other company manages to obtain
Benefits/Symbolism: high end skin care products that promotes luxury and beauty life has to offer
Product Positioning: the most high quality skin care product that will not damage feet, has been proven to work best and fastest pricing strategy market skimming: initially setting high price only people who care about skin
want to look young/fresh
limits people who can afford cream
create group of elite users
positioning premise: price may offend certain individuals reach breakeven point quickly 1000000/45.00= 22222
compared to average price of product
1000000/13.99= 71479
use profits to enchance cream pricing strategy not going to use deceptive pricing policies against taking advantage of customers
maintain classy/loyal image pricing policies Psychological Pricing: using even numbers giving product expensive image
users not looking for a deal
trying to get best quality
99 cents give product cheaper image
Not doing any other polices because other polices involve deals that would give product a cheaper image distribution strategy sell Arbonne products at only Arbonne stores
want products to be exclusive for consumer/target Market
develop a high class, independent image for products
create customer loyalty because they can only receive the products at Arbonne stores integrated distribution: Arbonne manufacturer Arbonne Stores/Retailers
no intermediaries, full control over price
direct distribution
direct: Arbonne retailers are getting their Arbonne products directly from the Arbonne manufacturers
specialty channels: the internet
so consumers/target market that don’t live near Arbonne retailers can order product directly from the Arbonne website
if a product the consumer/target market wants is temporarily out of stock in stores, they can order it online distribution strategy distribution network: demographics:
age: 25-40
income: mid-high
gender: female
education: post secondary
family life cycle: looking for partner or maintaing a beautiful image for partner geographics:
urban areas: paris, london, manhattan
warm climates: miami, san franciso, milan, rio psychographics:
women who enjoy treating themselves
spend disposable income
self concious women
want to feel beautiful target market: stp analysis brand awareness: widely known as the highest quality of skin care products there is
perceived quality: due to price, consumers assume product is best and expect to have a good experience in result with product
brand association:product is always guaranteed to exceed the levels of expectation
brand loyalty: already familiar with brand and after using product and having such an incredible experience they will become loyal consumers brand equity: inventory management: depending on our inventory turnover, we plan on supplying product one - two months in advance to replenish items on the shelf guaranteeing that there will always be merchandise to sell. advertising campaign brand awareness: using advertising techniques to target the market, display benefits of use
brand positioning:position the product as highest care for feet
brand trial- after creating awareness, offer free samples at store to show target market what the cream is capable of
brand preference- after using the cream, target market will realize this cream is able to do much more for feet then current cream allowing the customer to choose this product goals of advertising: advertising appeal: social appeal: target towards same types of women, allowing them to realize that this foot cream is what they need to make their feet beautiful
rational appeal: if feet are dehydrated and damaged, this cream is the best one on the market to revitalize you skin thank you for your time!
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