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Photography Culminating

No description

Jake Desjardins

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Photography Culminating

Examples of Aperture
ISO controls the cameras sensitivity to light. The lower the ISO the more clear the picture will come out, and the less you will have to use your flash. When you are in well lit area an ISO of around 200-480 is recommended because it will only let in the amount of light needed to keep the image clear. ISO is one of my favorites cause I try to use the flash, as little as possible.
Aperture controls how wide the camera lens opens . This gives you control of your focal point. For example if you want to take a close up shot , with blurred background, you would turn you aperture down to a focal number of around 3.
Photography Culminating
JD Photography

Ever since I started Art Class in grade 9, I always had trouble finding a creative way to express myself through artworks. I've tried using clay, painting, pastels and many more traditional forms of art. This year I picked up Mrs Rose's DSLR camera and felt immediate interest. Over the year I have learned a multitude of photography information and plan on using this to share my success.
All these photos were taken with an aperture from F.3 to F.5
ISO Examples
The picture on the right was taken a few minutes before the one on the right. The only difference is that the left one was taken using flash, where I only adjusted my ISO on the other one.
This picture in my opinion turned out nicer then the one with flash because the flash isn't taking away from the texture of the dogs fur.
Shutter Speed
The shutter speed setting on the camera controls how fast the shutter opens before capturing each picture. It also corresponds with the amount of light let into the picture. Shutter speed is used when taking high action shots. One important thing I learned is that you need to be in a well lit area to take high actions, because the shutter takes in a low amount of light when moving so fast.
High Action Shots using Shutter Speed
Some More Examples of My Work
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