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Laundry Assignment

Doing some laundry!

Nik Rottjakob

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Laundry Assignment

How to do laundry! By Nik Rottjakob Step 1) Sort Laundry The reason you need to sort is so that the colors dont blend which is bad. Sort in 2 choices. Darks and lights. Put them in at different times. Step 2) Repair/Pretreat This is stitching up any clothes that are broken or ripped. Also using bleach or cleaning product to get rid of stains Step 3) Wash Clothes Put the cloths into the washer and then pour the laundry detergent into the washer. Shut the washer and press the amount of time you want. Then wait. Step 4) Dry Put the clothes into the dryer and add a softener sheet to get cloths not staticy Put down any minute you want then your clothes are drying (Usally 60 mins) Step 5) Folding You need to fold your clothes so they dont get messed up and wrinkled. We fold towels differently because there is a special spot we keep the towels Now you know how to do laundry! Now you can wash your own clothes and stop making mothers do it!
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