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Manhattan project

No description

Josua Lakatos

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Manhattan project

Manhattan project
What was the gist of the project?
First steps
2nd December 1942: Chicago Pile 1
Location: Metallurgical Laboratory
Trinity test
This was the first atomic bomb.
Little boy and Fat man
The beginning
Uranium comittee
inventing atom bomb to finish World War II.
competing with Soviet Union in technology
(Cold War)
Albert Einstein sent a warning letter to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of U.S.A. (1933-1945) on
2nd August 1939.
Roosevelt set up a comittee to make atom bomb before Nazi Germany.
First meeting: 21th October 1939
(not the all)
Hungary: Leó Szilárd, Ede Teller, Eugene Wigner
Italy: Enrico Fermi
USA.:Robert Oppenheimer, Arthur Compton
Major General Leslie Groves
This was the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.
Then started the Manhattan project...
Research and production took place at more than 30 sites in
USA., UK. and Canada.
It cost (the whole Manhattan project) 2 billion $ (that is ~
26 billion $
in 2015)
Main sites:
Los Alamos
, New Mexico:
research and design laboratory
, Washington:
producing plutonium
Oak Ridge
, Tennessee:
Town in Oak Ridge...
Implosion type bomb
Fissile material: plutonium
16th July 1945
Its energy was like 20 kilotons TNT
Both of them were detonated over Japan in August 1945
Little Boy
Detonated: 6 August 1945
Detonated over Hiroshima
Killed ~75000 people
Carried by Enola Gay
Gun-type fission bomb
Energy: 13 kilotons TNT
They were made for finishing World War II.
Fat man
Detonated: 9 August 1945
Detonated over Nagasaki
Killed ~40 000 people
Carried by Bockscar
Implosion type fission bomb
Energy: 21 kilotons TNT
Thank you
for the attention!
About atomic bombs
2 types: fission, fusion
2 types of fission bombs:
implosion type
There were 2119 atomic bombs in history so far.
/by Lakatos Josua/
They were fission type bombs
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