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Oliver Wine

No description

Amy Bishop

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Oliver Wine

Oliver Winery
Sophistication on a Budget Oliver Uncorked Executive Summary Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths Threats Opportunities Weaknesses Lack of connection with the young-adult IU population

Perceived high cost and pretentiousness of wine
Close ties to IU

Social IU young-adult population
Legal issues related to underage possesion and consumption of alcohol
Decanting Details Audiences and
Key Messages Campaign Goals Objectives Filtration Strategy 1 Promote Educate Strategy 2 Strategy 3 Create Events Strategy 4 Partnered Events Print ads
Press releases
Public service announcements
Fliers On campus
Social media
Student wine club
Brand Ambassadors Traditional Methods Promote basic knowledge about wine etiquette and responsible drinking
Middle-of-the-week blues?
First Wednesday each month
Free wine tasting
Lennie's and FARMbloomington Jazz and Wine
Night at Oliver "Wine-ing" Wednesday Live jazz music
Complimentary glass of wine
Free wine tasting, vineyard tour and appetizers IU Graduate and Professional Student Organization
Welcome Week retreat
Wine tasting, etiquette tips and vineyard tours
IU Arts Scene Networking Day IU Art Museum
Oliver at the Opera
Fine Arts Gallery Night
Free wine tastings

The Last Drop Fortified Facts Evaluating Budget Campaign Roles Just A Sip
21 to 30 year old IU students, staff and faculty

“Oliver wine is chic and classy but reasonably priced.”

Audience Key Messages
Increase Oliver Winery's presence in the community

Build life-long relationships with the young-adult IU population

Develop brand
of young

Increase wine sales at Oliver Winery by five percent by December 2010

To increase visitors at Oliver Winery who are 21-30 years old by 15 percent by December 2010

1 2 Compare direct wine sales at Oliver Winery to last year's fall sales
Successful at a five percent increase

Compare the number of visitors at Oliver Winery who are 21-30 years old to last year's totals
Successful at a 15 percent increase

Research Adults 21 to 34 years old spend 51 percent more on alcohol than those 35 or older

More than 60 percent of IU students are age 21 or older

Oliver Winery doesn't currently reach out to IU students
Conclusion Connecting with IU and its students is vital for Oliver Winery

Sophistication on a Budget will develop young adults preference for Oliver wine and create life-long Oliver customers
Total Budget: $4789.18 Account executive

Special events coordinators

Media relations director

IU liaison
Indiana University is the center of the Bloomington community

Oliver Winery was actually founded by an IU professor in 1972 Despite this link, Oliver Winery and IU rarely work together The number of wine drinkers under 35 has decreased by 50 perecent

Consumers age 21-30 are very likely to try new alcoholic beverages but are detered from wine by a "stuffy" image

Dispel the stereotype of wine drinkers as old and snobby

Use diverse cultural and artistic aspects of IU to show that anyone can be a wine drinker
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