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Cloud Computing - InCube

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Computing - InCube

Kalipso and Cloud Computing
User Balancing
The system will keep monitoring memory usage on the server, once 80% of the memory is depleted, the server will try to balance the load to another server
Load Estimation
The system will estimate the load the user will add to the server, depending on the service he is requesting, and will try to connect the user to the server with most memory percentage and least number of active sessions
Once the load estimation has occurred and the system decides to balance the users on the server, a handover is initiated between the servers to have a uniform distribution of connections across the servers.
Maintaining Optimal Performance
The system will continuously monitor KPIs related to load balancing and manage the connections accordingly
8 - 16 core CPU
16 GB of RAM
Solid State HD - Backup solution
1Gbps interface to DB server
Server Specs
Cloud Based Computing
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