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Dogs are gentle animals that love people and kids.

Stephanie Jones

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Dogs

Dogs r cute! Dogs are more than just animal. Dogs are
companions that can help you when you
feel down or you just need someone to
talk to you that is a dog. Dogs r my passion! Dogs are my favourite because I give them
repect, love, caring, kindness, hope, and I
make sure that they could possibably have
good homes with people that have a passion
for dogs. Dogs r gentle creatures! I use to have two dogs that were half-brothers their
names are Elf and Tippy. They were lovely dogs that loved
my family I'll tell you a little bit about them. Elf is a German Shepard rottie mixed. He was very protective because his mother was a guard dog and that is how he got that from his mother. Tippy is a German Shepard Lab mixed. He is the more
gentle type and thaT is how he got that from his dad.
Elf and Tippy had the same mother, but different father.
If you want to get pure breed they will not last long, but if
you get a mixed breed they will last much longer than a pure breed.
I wish that I had a Dolmation German Shepard mixed now that I really
wish for than having a pure bred Dolmation.
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