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Task Definition

No description

Magaly Lopez

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Task Definition

The movie was excellent! I had the exact amount of money I needed. I arrived on time and got good seats. The theater was nice and clean. It wasn't too crowded. The lines were short. I was very glad to have done research before I went to the movies.
1.Task Definition
2.Information Seeking Strategies
There are many ways I can find out the information I need. For example I can search up reviews on movies I am interested in. Also, I can ask a friend who has seen the movie that I am interested in. I can look in the newspaper. I can start narrowing down my choices to the movies that interest me the most.
At last I have decide that I will watch Tammy. I will go to the Dinuba Platinum Theaters. The showing I will go to will start at 5:30PM. The tickets cost $9.50 for an adult. I will be going with Betsy.

3.Location and Access
Now I will need to find out which movie theater I want to go to. Usually I'll look for the closet movie theater to me. So, I will have to go on the internet to help me find the closet movie theater to me. Also, I will go to the Appstore and download the Fandango app on my iPhone. I will pivk up thenewspaper to see if I could find any helpful information
4.Use Information
Now that I have all the information I need I can start making my choices. First, I will watch previews of the movies I like. I will write done the name of movies that interest me the most. Next, I will go the website of the Dinuba Platinum Theaters and find out the times of certain movies. Finally, I will get the exact location of the movie theater.
Going to the Movies
It's a hot summer day. It's too hot to play outside. I remember that I have money, and I decide I want to go to the movie theaters. Although there is a problem, I don't know what movie to watch or what theater to go to. I also need to know what time the movie of my choice will start.

By: Magaly Lopez
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