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No description

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Fitbit

Situation Analysis
1. Innovative/ Premium technology
2. Broad product line
3. Seamless app experience
4. FitStar acquisition

1. Rising rates of obesity and health consciousness
2. “Quantified Self” Movement has driven demand
3. The ubiquity of smart phones gives everyone easy access to apps
Market Summary
Health and wellness market expected to remain steady
obesity epidemic
fad health activities (crossfit, paleo diet)
Fitbit dominating market, approx. 50% of wearable band market in 2014
More competition recently: Nike, Jawbone, Apple
Area for growth: medical field
Increased competition in smart band and activity tracker categories
Nike and Microsoft
Smart watches have greater features and functionality
possible price drop in future further crowds market
appeal to traditional watch- wearers
Fitbit Marketing

Target Markets
Marketing Mix
Contingency Plan
Partner with insurance companies to offer discounts
Global Expansion
Brazil, China, South Korea, UK
Maintain Market Share
Promote basic products and develop higher end products as well
Invest in R&D
Continue to expand wide product range to empower customers
CrossFit Competitions
Track your athlete
Yoga Workshops
Teacher student interactions
Lifestyle Representatives
Athletes, teachers, doctors
Charitable Causes
Let's Move!
Currently, focus mostly on exercise enthusiasts and casual users
Untapped market: medical and insurance fields
Data collected could be used for research
Doctors could provide more individualized care
Deductibles could be offered by insurance companies
Three points of distribution
Regional managers, division overseers and sales representatives
Fitbit in-store retailers translate into web providers
Catalog distribution
Currently the ChargeHR is sold at $149.95 with:
Free shipping
45 day money back guarantee
365 limited warranty
Make Fitbit more affordable by having insurance companies use promo codes, coupons, and/or stipends.
What does this mean?
Fitbit is making a profit from the beginning
Increase in all revenue producing sections
Systematic decrease in expenses
Difficulty tracking activity that does not require basic stepping motion
Troubles with watch clasp being secure
Not suitable for in-depth analysis of your workout
Difficulties and Risks:
Problems with cooperation in partnerships with insurance companies
Issues generating brand awareness
Maintaining integrity of Fitbit's goals while partnering with insurance companies
Avoiding violations of HIPAA regulations
Worst Case Risks:
Finding out that sales revenue does not support ongoing operations
Unforeseen and overwhelming costs related to research and development
Work with medical and insurance companies
collaborate on research
trial run of bands in area of poor health
offer deductibles for users
Athletic events
example: Yoga or CrossFit Games
trial run of bands to participants
increased interest, possible brand ambassadors

Marketing is 3% of total sales
Marketing Forecast Expense
Breakeven Analysis
70% share of market
68.1 million units in 2015

Polar Loop ($90)
Tracks steps and calories
Sync via Bluetooth or USB cable
iPhone-only app
Tells you specific things you can do to meet your daily goals
Measures intensity of workout
Pairs with heart-rate sensor

Nike+ Fuelband SE ($80)
Tracks calories, steps, sleep. and Nike Fuel Points
Aimed to improve calorie burn and Fuel point accuracy
iPhone app
Not compatible with Android

Microsoft Band ($200)
Works with iPhone, Android, or Windows
Tracks calories, sleep, and steps
Heart-rate monitoring
Workout coaching
Calendar alerts
Social media updates


Vivofit ($130)
Battery last for over a year
Tracks sleep
Lets you know if you have been sitting for too long

Vivofit 2 ($130)
Audible alerts
More band styles


1. High Tech
2. High Quality
3. High Performance
4. Affordable
improving your fitness and wellness, while helping monitor your health

Main selling point:
greater customer outreach due to our partnership with leading insurance industries
Shift product’s focus away from an active sport market and towards the average person trying to obtain healthier habits

Fitbit Charge HR
Apple Watch Sport ($350)
Cheaper, more casual version of the Apple Watch
Check caller ID
Access visual voicemail
Send and receive text message
Monitors heart rate and has other monitoring sensors
Offers maps and directions
“Smart” Watch

Jawbone UP24 ($130)
Syncs wirelessly with iOS or Android
Programs stats, workouts, mood, and meals

Jawbone UP3 ($180)
Advanced sleep and activity tracking
Records resting heartbeat

Jawbone UP MOVE ($50)
Clippable model
Tracks the basics: steps, exercise, calories and sleep


1. Garmin
2. Microsoft
3. Jawbone
4. Nike
5. Polar
6. Apple

Main Competitors

Mission Statement

“At Fitbit, we strive to create high-quality, high-value fitness products that create a unique experience for our customers, empowering them to achieve their health goals and, ultimately, to live happier, more satisfied lives.”

Executive Summary
Industry leader in the wearable fitness band market
Wide range of products and price points
Looks to capitalize on untapped markets for future growth
Founded in San Francisco in 2007
Use technology to easily transform consumers' health
Currently owns a large market share (50-70%)
Will need to tap into new markets to continue growth
Maintain strong ties with outside retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc.)
Regional managers responsible for meeting needs of retailers
Final marketing decisions made by upper management

Along with the ChargeHR, Fitbit has a plethora of other fitness bands like:
Our product choice
: ChargeHR monitors heart rate, fitness activity and sleep
“How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. Seek it, crave it, live it”
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